Where primitive forest vibes meet Oregon Coast sands at Twin Tierra Del Mar Rentals

Where primitive forest vibes meet Oregon Coast sands at Twin Tierra Del Mar Rentals

Published on 29/09/22 at 17:34
By the staff of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Tierra Del Mar, Oregon) – Most people don’t even recognize the name of the tiny beach town of Tierra Del Mar, and it’s simply lumped together as Pacific City when visitors to the Oregon coast mark their sandswept selfies. The little place is hard to see, anyway, being a quick shot of houses and trees surrounding a beach that briefly appears as you head north from the main Pacific City surroundings. (Above: Guardenia St. house, courtesy photo)

Yet quiet and somewhat secluded Tierra Del Mar – a bit of a secret in itself – hosts other wonderful surprises. Among them: a pair of self-contained vacation rentals called Idyllic Beach House (yes, there are two rather than one). This set of pet-friendly dream homes exemplifies what makes the tiny village stand out: serene, secluded, full of primitive forest vibes, and charming like everyone else.

They are owned by former Portlander Suzy Wolfson and her husband, who both spent years in the area as classical musicians. In the late 90s, they shifted gears to start these twin beauties by the beach, inspired by the fact that they had had great difficulty finding accommodation while traveling with their two adorable German Shepherds. .

Just north of Pacific City, the tiny plop of Tierra Del Mar is really just a cluster of homes amidst thick coastal rainforest, surrounded by the Sitka Sedge Nature Reserves to the north and its miles of beaches. cloistered, henceforth permanently unexploited. . This rugged and primitive terrain takes you another few miles through the shores of Sand Lake Recreation Area and the extremely remote bottom of Cape Lookout. To the south, Tierra Del Mar merges with the rather hidden McPhillips Beach.

Tierra Del Mar (photo Oregon Coast Beach Connection)

Tierra Del Mar almost made its way onto the map as they had to get into a very public fight with Facebook over some big cables that were going to go through there, but they won. As Wolfson said, other recent changes to this remarkable part of Oregon’s northern coast mean a lot to locals.

“Personally, I’m thrilled that the entire portion of the waterfront north of Tierra del Mar — up to and including the estuary — is now permanently protected from any type of development,” Wolfson told Oregon Coast Beach Connection. “The dunes and native grasslands behind have these beautiful trails everywhere, and there isn’t a single building or road in the whole area. I think it’s an incredibly valuable thing on the coast.

This dedication to immaculate shows with Wolfson’s approach to Idyllic Beach House. The houses are called the Pier House and the Gardenia House, each offering similar amenities in many ways, but each with their own beautiful differences, and both within earshot of the waves.

The Pier Street House is a two-story stunner that has vaulted ceilings and copious amounts of polished wood, giving it a cavernous log cabin feel that’s both modern and retro, as well as enveloping and comforting. The wood-burning stove set amidst a brick frame sends the whole vibe of secluded forest living into a heartwarming overdrive.

An upstairs balcony is a highlight here, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the ocean and sunset. Another covered terrace below allows you to enjoy the outdoors without getting soaked, if need be. The children have a special dormitory with very colorful beds, and the doggos have their own door in the laundry room.

The Pier Street House can accommodate up to ten people.

Vaulted ceilings and polished wood are also a big feature of the Guardenia Street House, also giving it a log cabin feel but this time a bit more rustic. Skylights heighten the feeling.

Another intriguing feature is the small wedge-shaped window filled with plants: mostly greenery that overlooks more greenery.

Guardenia Street House sleeps ten and has a stunning 1,000 square foot juniper terrace. Its large wooden railings double as a long bench – a delightful touch of surprise. The living room has a cozy fireplace and a large sofa, as well as board games and plenty of DVDs.

Now, after 25 years of work, Idyllic homes have become a generational thing.

“A lot of people have come back year after year with the kids growing up feeling like the house belongs to them – their childhood is tied to the house itself,” she said. “It’s the most wonderful feeling.” More photos of the idyllic beach houses below. Dial 503-662-5420.

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