West High students protest treatment of teacher who requested COVID housing | Local education


During the first month of the school year, Zorko was working online from home through Zoom with the help of a retired substitute teacher who facilitated in-person learning with students in the classroom.

“While Ms. Zorko’s situation as an online teacher was not ideal for her or her classes, many students preferred this style of teaching to the one imposed after her departure,” the petition led by the students. “She went above and beyond to find creative solutions to make teaching work virtually for her students.”

Zorko, a three-decade teacher who had been in the Madison School District for 18 years, had a double organ transplant due to complications from type 1 diabetes in 2013 and has since been taking immunosuppressive drugs to keep her body from rejection. donated organs. Although she has been vaccinated and given a booster, she remains at high risk of death if she contracts COVID-19.

Until this year, the district had met its needs, Packard told the Wisconsin State Journal at the start of the school year. Last spring, when the district returned to in-person learning, Zorko was able to teach his students in the home class with the help of other West High staff who were present in the classroom, a method that Zorko declared was working and that she was hoping to continue this year.

Zorko spoke to the Madison School Board in late August, just before the start of the school year, her voice heavy with emotion as she called on the board to push the administration to speed up its decision on where and how she would teach. . She described her experience as a choice she was forced to make between her career and her healthy days before the students returned to class.

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