“We have housing,” says Mayor of Grand Forks


‘We have housing,’ says Mayor of Grand Forks – NEWS 1130

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Last updated on July 22, 2021 at 10:04 PM PDT

Courtesy of the City of Grand Forks


Grand Forks Mayor says there is plenty of housing in Grand Forks for those evacuating from other areas

“We really need it,” says Mayor Brian Taylor of tourism

GRAND FORKS (NEWS 1130) – The mayor of Grand Forks is shutting down claims on social media that his town is overwhelmed by wildfire evacuees and does not want tourists.

An article on the Osoyoos Connect Facebook page urged tourists leaving Osoyoos due to evacuations not to travel to Grand Forks.

Brian Taylor says Grand Forks values ​​tourism.

The original post on Osoyoos Connect Facebook

“You still have things to do in Grand Forks, area. We have a lot of trails and things that are still going to be open, but I don’t see a big conflict here in still entertaining tourism here – we really need it.

Taylor says they welcome tourists who are forced to leave Osoyoos.

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“We’re certainly not overwhelmed if people are worried. We have accommodation

Even with the smoke, Taylor encourages people to come and visit the city.

“[We don’t like] discourage tourism because we have all kinds of things people could do here. There is accommodation available in motels and various other places, so we are in good shape here, and our arms are open to anyone having difficulty in the area.

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