Vacation Ownership Management Group SunStream Hotels & Resorts makes a comeback with Maestro Cloud PMS


[The Maestro Owner’s Portal] gives every condo owner remote, real-time access to see all bookings – past, present and future – on the books, assess the performance of their investments and even stay up to date on spending.

While the pandemic has disrupted travel, the vacation rental market is strong. SunStream Hotels & Resorts, operator of eight condominium hotels in Southwest Florida, reports high occupancy rates with all properties in Fort Myers Beach, Naples and The Everglades exceeding budget and exceeding revenue for years previous ones. Maestro PMS helps this hotel and resort management group meet growing travel demand and streamline customer service safely. For several years, SunStream has relied on the Maestro Cloud property management system for multi-property reception operations, condo owner management, as well as mobile tools, housekeeping, sales and catering, work order management and performance management.

“Condominium hotels are in high demand today because they offer more space, privacy and even security than hotels,” said Jennifer Ellis, Director of Sales and Marketing for SunStream Hotels & Resorts. “The biggest challenge we face today is the ability to meet demand despite the devastating labor shortage. Thanks to Maestro and its housekeeping and work order modules, we follow up on customer requests and return rooms quickly. Maestro’s housekeeping module provided the best assistance. It keeps us organized and allows our housekeeping managers to schedule workers as needed and it keeps everyone up to date on what parts need to be cleaned and when in real time. Equally important is the work order module, as we can easily tag parts that need maintenance and remove them from inventory until the issues are resolved. Maestro has been indispensable throughout the pandemic, and he continues to prove himself as we approach recovery.

“Another essential part of the Maestro PMS is its integration with our third-party booking agent TravelClick, an Amadeus company,” said Ellis. “The strength of the Maestro / TravelClick connection is key to our success as it provides real-time availability to all sales channels with no manual monitoring required. This allows us to ensure that we are bringing the right inventory to market with real-time pricing and the ability to make changes on the fly. ”

Customer service advisor

As a hotel management company operating resorts, hotels, condominiums and timeshare properties for 35 years, Ellis said SunStream’s # 1 goal is to deliver genuine hospitality to guests. To do this, she said, requires the same level of dedication on the part of her PMS provider; something she said Maestro is good at.

“When we started our search for a PMS supplier four years ago, we knew we wanted a product that didn’t fit in a box. We were looking for a company with a high service platform, not a supplier who wanted to sell us a product. We found it instantly with Maestro. Throughout my career in the hospitality industry, I have worked with a number of different business models. Few, if any, are as customer-focused as Maestro – even companies known worldwide for their PMS offerings cannot match the support Maestro provides to its independent customers. And, because Maestro already had a flexible timeshare hotel model, he ticked all the boxes on our long list of requirements. Operationally and financially, Maestro PMS makes perfect sense to us as a multi-property condominium operator.

Amid the pandemic, SunStream is expected to deliver contactless mobile tools for guests. As occupancy demands increase even more, Ellis said the company will start leveraging Maestro’s digital registration card with signature capture so customers don’t need to touch paper or a pen. or may choose to complete registration on their personal mobile device as part of the mobile registration process. .

Owner portal to activate

“What we have activated recently is the Maestro owner portal,” Ellis said. “This gives every condo owner remote, real-time access to see all reservations – past, present and future – on the books, assess the performance of their investments and even stay up to date on expenses. The owners really appreciate this feature; they often tell us how much they value transparency. This tool is something very rare in a PMS offering.

Recognizing that condominium and vacation rental properties each have their own specific requirements, Maestro’s Owner Management module is designed to streamline operation for each specific functional requirement. From owner’s reservation controls to accounting, this module offers a unique feature set to accommodate the flexibility and needs of those managing condominium and resort assets. The features of the owner management module include:

  • Multi-property single owner profile
  • Owner’s email and electronic statements
  • Online booking, availability and owner’s statement portal
  • Flexible controls over owner availability and billing
  • Commissions payable with production of checks
  • EFT – electronic funds transfer
  • Availability of rental pool units, intervals, status and controls
  • Equalization of rental income or reservation of units
  • Monitoring of charges, payments, receivables and balances

“We are delighted that SunStream Hotels & Resorts – and all of our condominium hotel customers – are navigating the recovery so effectively with Maestro,” said Maestro Chairman Warren Dehan. “SunStream has achieved many accomplishments over the past 35 years, and Maestro is proud to support its condominiums, restaurants, spas and conference / banquet services with tools designed to specifically meet the unique needs of their operators. / owners.

“We sincerely appreciate SunStream as a loyal and satisfied Maestro customer and appreciate their recognition of our Diamond Plus service culture,” he said. “As they continue to navigate recovery, Maestro is ready to help them activate even more in-demand tools, such as our web / mobile / kiosk check-in with mobile key integration, online prepayment portal, payment mobile express. , electronic signature capture and configurable 48 hour room buffer feature that creates gaps in room reservation spacing to allow time for complete room disinfection.

About Maestro

Maestro is the preferred web browser-based on-premise and cloud PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals and multi-property groups. Maestro’s PCI certified and EMV compliant enterprise system offers a web browser (or Windows) version with over 20 modules integrated into a single database, including mobile and contactless applications to support a customer journey digitized as well as personnel operations. Maestro’s sophisticated solutions allow operators to increase profitability, generate direct bookings, centralize operations, and provide customers with a personalized experience from booking to departure and everything in between. For more than 40 years, Maestro’s Diamond Plus service has provided an unrivaled North American base 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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About SunStream Hotels and Resorts

Founded in 1986, SunStream offers a collection of hotels and resorts in Fort Myers Beach, Naples, and the Everglades, Florida. While our hotels may all seem different, our unifying trait is a place where genuine hospitality is exactly that, and service comes from the heart. We are committed to delivering a truly refreshing, unexpected and inspiring experience to every guest at every hotel. In addition to the collection of hotels and resorts, SunStream offers real estate and vacation ownership divisions, as well as design programs from sister companies; offering sophisticated business design solutions.

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