The interior designer shares seven simple tips for updating your rental accommodation

If you are in rental accommodation, you understand the importance of updating your property, without causing damage or making permanent changes that will need to be undone during the move.

Bathrooms can often be the most intimidating space in the home to update, as toiletries and tiles are often permanent items and can seem limited when it comes to making changes.

There are some helpful tips available to you for updating your rental bathroom, according to Polly Shearer, interior expert at Tap Warehouse.

Polly explains, “Rental decorating hacks are always going viral on TikTok – #rentalhacks alone has gained over 38 million views! However, a lot of these rental hacks involve the use of adhesive vinyl and modifications that will lead to a lot of plastic waste when you move out.

1. Use tall plants as statement elements

Bringing the outdoors in has been a trend inside the home for some time now and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. The bathroom is a great place to host large plants – not only will it cover a multitude of sins no matter where you place it, but the humidity in the bathroom will ensure that the plant will thrive and continue to give your bathroom. bath a beautiful appearance.

2. Create a mural instead of self-adhesive tiles

Adhesive tiles are always recommended for fitting out rental buildings, but when you move out, plastic tiles cannot be reused, resulting in a lot of plastic waste. Instead, why not create a mural on a key wall in your bathroom? Capable of accommodating a variety of prints, a framed mural is a perfect way to temporarily personalize your bathroom. To prevent damage, you can use hanger bands to place the frames on the walls, which will cause minimal waste.

3. Hide united walls with a towel storage ladder

Sleek and practical bathroom decor pieces are the best, and the towel rack ladder storage ticks each of those boxes. A towel storage ladder can be leaned against your bathroom wall, instantly providing space to dry and air out towels while also covering your bathroom wall. Recycle an old wooden ladder for the greener option.

4. Having trouble resealing your tiles? Paint over the grout instead

Tiles can easily start to look shabby once the grout is no longer fresh. If you can’t re-glue the tiles yourself, you may want to consider a faster solution. Painting over grout is easy to do and can help you modernize your bathroom. Refresh the grout with white grout paint, or why not experiment with black grout paint for a trendy black grout effect?

5. Try vintage crate displays instead of wall cabinets

Are you struggling to tidy up your bathroom but can’t fit wall cabinets? Vintage crate displays are a fantastic way to create a trendy point of interest in your bathroom while providing a practical storage solution. Stackable vintage crates can be left in their natural rustic effect or repainted to suit your decor and can be filled with anything from fresh towels to your favorite beauty products. Vintage crates are inexpensive and extremely durable – especially if you choose to reuse apple crates for redecorating.

6. Swap the mirror for a large statement mirror

A large bathroom mirror will do more than cover an unsightly wall space. It will help your bathroom feel bigger and brighter, and you will have more space to see your reflection – there is simply no downside! Statement bathroom mirrors can be expensive, but should be considered an investment given their many benefits.

7. Get a bamboo or 100% organic cotton bath mat that stands out

The bathroom floor in rental properties might not always be to your liking, but a trendy bath mat can brighten up a bathroom floor in no time at all. Choose a large bath mat in a trendy color or design to cover an unattractive bathroom floor and make your bathroom look more stylish and comfortable. For more environmental friendliness, a bamboo or 100% organic cotton bath mat would be a great alternative to typical polyester fabric rugs made from plastic.

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