The Central Coast Travel Program encourages “benevolent tourism”


Highway 1 Discovery Route has launched its Stewardship Travel for Good program, which encourages California coastal travelers to “make a difference on their vacation.”

The program includes beach clean-ups, trail restoration, museums and park tours, and other sustainable activities.

“We want our visitors to feel a deeper connection to our region, so the ways we do this educate and inspire them to do good while they’re here, whether it’s spending a few minutes cleaning up the trash, or let it be a few hours building a trail in Montaña de Oro, ”said Katie Sturtevant, director of the Stewardship Travel for Good program.

On Saturday, Travel For Good organized a beach clean-up at Avila Beach in collaboration with the Central Coast Aquarium. Visitors could pick up beach cleaning kits and help protect marine life by spending a few hours picking up the litter left behind. Each cleaning kit includes an Avila Beach Appreciation Stewardship collection bag, glove and tote bag.

The program offers these cleaning kits daily, with no reservation required. Senior age family members can also receive volunteer credits while on vacation.

Cleaning kits are available at: Central Coast Aquarium, Avila Beach Golf Resort, Avila Lighthouse Suites, Avila Village Inn, Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, Coastal Vacation Rentals, and San Luis Bay Inn.

The Travel for Good program promotes activities all along the central coast.

“The Sea Star Award that was presented to the program last weekend by the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary really highlights a new trend in benevolent tourism that the Highway 1 Discovery Route has helped create and support. model for the state of California, ”says Sturtevant.

A list of activities along Highway 1 can be found here.

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