The best offers of loans without domicile payroll

Get the best loan offers without changing banks or hiring linked products. Compare for free the loans that you can hire without paying your salary and get the financing you are looking for without further paperwork.



  • What are the loans without domiciliary payroll
  • Types of home loans payroll we can get
  • Domicile the payroll if I reduce the interest on the loan?
  • Are loans without bonds better?
  • Can I get loans without payroll?

What are the loans without domiciliary payroll

What are the loans without domiciliary payrollThey are personal loans with which we can get money without needing to be customers of the bank, that is, where we will not have to open an account to enter our compensation. It may happen that we do have to contract other linked products such as a credit card or insurance, but it will not be necessary to transfer our income from one entity to another and lose the advantages offered by our current bank.

The most common is that loans without domicile payroll offer them or private equity companies or financial institutions of credit, but in recent times have also proliferated banks that offer financing to people without having to change banks.

Not having to pay the payroll when hiring financing, that is, getting loans without links , allows us to compare a wider range of offers than our bank offers without having to go through the whole process of changing our entity income only for getting better conditions.

Types of home loans payroll we can get

Types of home loans payroll we can get

Currently the offer to get loans without domiciliar payroll is quite broad. We can find in the market financing with features and advantages designed to cover different purposes. Below , the different types of online loans we can get without linking our income to the lender:

  • Mini online credits: these are loans granted by private equity entities with which we can get up to 750 euros if we are new clients and up to 1,200 euros if we are already customers and serve to face small incidentals. Your concession time is just 15 minutes and they are requested completely online. They have a repayment term of a maximum of 30 days and must be returned in a single payment. Its cost is 1.1% daily and have no commissions or links. In addition, it is not necessary to have seniority in the entity to hire them.
  • Personal loans : they are a form of financing that we can obtain both in financial institutions of credit or in banks. They allow us to obtain amounts from 3,000 euros to finance large projects such as loans for students who want to pay tuition. They have a reimbursement period of between 1 and 10 years, depending on the amount we request and they are returned in monthly installments. Its cost is around 8.5% APR and may have commissions and links, although the current trend is to offer fewer and fewer links.

Depending on the purpose for which we need the money, it will be convenient to go to one type of credit or another. Knowing how to identify which of all types of non-domiciliary loans pays us according to our economic needs is a key element when choosing the appropriate financing.

Domicile the payroll if I reduce the interest on the loan?

Many banks offer us the possibility of contracting a product linked to the loan in exchange for lowering the interest on the loan . This option can be a good alternative or not, depending on the type of linked product offered. If it is related products without additional costs such as direct debit of our income or invoices in an account without annual fees, it will be a good offer that will simply take more paperwork.

On the other hand, if it is related to additional costs such as the purchase of a life or payment insurance or the use of a credit card, we will have to calculate if the reduction they will make to us will be greater than what the linked product costs. hire to make it worth it. If not, it is best not to reduce interest, but not spend more on the linked product.

Are loans without bonds better?

Not necessarily. Yes it is true that a loan without links will always be much more convenient to request, since it will not be necessary to carry out a large number of procedures such as contracting products or changing the domiciliation of our invoices to access them. In addition, it allows us to go to a greater number of offers without having to change banks.

Normally, loans without bonds are better conditions than other personal loans , since they are designed to attract new clients whose entity does not offer them the best loans. In addition, by not having additional costs for contracting additional products, they are usually cheaper.

Likewise, to compare whether it is a good offer or not, it is important to carry out a simulation of the credit with the quantity and term that we want to achieve and with other extra costs such as related products, commissions and others.

For this reason HelpMyCash has designed a free loan calculator with which we can know what the total cost of the loan will be, how much we will pay for the connections if you have them, for the commissions, what monthly fee we will have to pay and, in addition, other offers that They can be adjusted to our needs and they are cheaper:


Can I get loans without payroll?

Can I get loans without payroll?

Yes. Having an alternative income to the payroll is not a problem to obtain the financing we are looking for. In any case, just as happens with the income that comes from a payroll, in order to obtain loans without payroll, the remuneration that we receive must meet certain requirements so that the entity can ensure that we can face the reimbursement without problems:

  • Be justifiable : it will be essential to have an official document that verifies that we received such income.
  • Be enough to repay the monthly installments without problems and without unbalancing our economy or disregard the other economic obligations (rent, bills …).
  • Being regular is important that the compensation we receive is extended in time and monthly. If this is not the case, the entity will consider that we will not be able to meet the payment of any of the monthly installments during any time of the life of the loan.

If our income meets these three characteristics, we can obtain the credit that we seek and, if we go to the aforementioned loans, we can do it without changing banks or contracting connections.