The accommodation crisis at COP26 leads to a spin-off for the Largs hotel


THE lack of beds in Glasgow for the upcoming COP26 climate conference has had a major impact on local hotels.

The Willowbank Hotel is one of those in Largs welcoming overseas delegates during the fortnight, according to the News.

Thousands of people are expected to arrive in Scotland for the world summit, with around 120 world leaders expected in Scotland from October 31 to November 12.

Demand exceeded supply in the city, which gave other cities a boost.

The Willowbank at Greenock Road hosts over 30 people from African countries who visit the event.

Owner Ian Smith said: “We have four Nigerians booked from October 31st and 27 Kenyans from October 28th for seven nights.

“They are in bed and breakfast and we are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Largs.

“Kenyan arrivals have been reserved by the Kenya High Commission, but Nigerian delegates have individually reserved.

“It’s good that Largs hotels like ours are partly outdated, as there isn’t much left in terms of accommodation in Glasgow.

“It can be a quiet time, so it’s a welcome boost.”

The Willowbank has gone on sale over the past year with an asking price of over £ 975,000.

Iain added, “We’re still in the market and we’ve had some interest, but nothing concrete.

“We only opened this year on May 21 and luckily we had a very busy summer. Things were starting to calm down, but due to COP26 we are full again.”

Up to 25,000 people are expected in Glasgow, including world leaders, negotiators and journalists.

Tens of thousands of activists and businesses will also be there to organize events and network, and at the end of the conference a declaration is expected that each country will have to sign to step up the fight against climate change.

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