Stearns County set to make changes to short-term rental ordinance

(KNSI) – Stearns County is set to pass a new ordinance governing short-term rental properties.

Land Use Supervisor Angie Berg says the county put an ordinance on the books 12 years ago and explained why the county is reviewing it now.

“In reality, what has happened is the increase in the number of rentals and the increase in the number of rentals that operate without licenses or permits. There are a lot more people who want to do this, there are has a lot more people doing it.”

She says the county has about 25 authorized short-term rentals. By comparison, Crow Wing County has over 1,000.

They discussed politics for more than ninety minutes on Tuesday morning. She says the board is considering changing its administrative application and fees. Staff will present recommendations by the October 11 meeting. Final adoption is scheduled for January 1.

Berg says if you’re considering buying a rental property, talk to the managers first.

“If you are considering doing this, call us first. There will be incentives to call us first rather than unknowingly or knowingly starting without a permit. So we’re here to help and want to help people understand what the rules are and help them go through the process.

the order would apply to properties outside of a city or township that do not have moratoriums in place. Eden Lake, Maine Prairie, Munson, Paynesville and Wakefield Township have temporarily banned short-term vacation rentals. Sauk Center Township prohibits their use in any residential area.


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