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With the flurry of new businesses opening in Hillsboro in recent months, the current state of a proposed business – a Marriott hotel including a shopping mall that, at least at one point, was expected to encompass 30,000 square feet and include “a bank , five or six restaurants, second-floor offices,” and a Buffalo Wild Wings-esque sports bar on the corner of Harry Sauner Road and SR 73 in Hillsboro, remains ambiguous.

Julie Bolender, who in May last year was named director of economic development for Highland County, said she was “unable to confirm anything at this time”, regarding the proposed development.

At a Hillsboro City Council meeting on September 13, 2021, Hillsboro Director of Security and Services Brianne Abbott reported that the Marriott project was still ongoing and said, “I believe they are working still with county and state on funding. She said a promissory note had been extended for the project until December 30 last year, after noting various “project delays” previously invoked by the coronavirus pandemic.

In January 2021, The Times Gazette reported that a resolution had been approved by City Council to advance from unencumbered general funds the amount of $200,000 for the agreed payment for the infrastructure of the project and that, “The resolution withdrew prior authorization to use TIF funds for the project.”

In October 2019, members of the Hillsboro City Schools Board of Trustees approved a 25-year tax increment funding (TIF) district as per the multimillion-dollar project proposal and following of a plea to this effect by the promoters.

At a January 2021 city council meeting, it was reported that Abbott said the promissory note was signed by the developers guaranteeing that if the bonds did not sell within six months, the money would be “reimbursed to TIF funds”. . ”

At the same time, Abbott said, “In the current climate of COVID-19, a city attorney has recommended that a promissory note be included to protect the city from loss in the event the Marriott project is not successful. not.” She also said she “didn’t foresee any problems moving forward.”

Abbott said this week that “at this time, we don’t have an update on the Marriott project. They are currently working on state and county funding.

In July 2020, developers including Ankur Patel unveiled tentative plans for the project in a presentation, and at that time said the project was “scheduled to kick off in the spring of 2020”. Patel revealed that the project is expected to take 12-14 months.

Hillsboro Mayor Justin Harsha said developers are currently “seeking public funding for the project” and the city “hopes to have more information soon.”

Patel did not respond to requests for information.

Juliane Cartaino is a freelance writer for The Times-Gazette.

Ankur Patel, one of the developers working to bring the Marriott hotel to Hillsboro, explained the proposed hotel and commercial plaza layout to local government officials during a meeting in December 2019.

City officials say state and county funding is being worked on

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