Saudi service robotics delivers automatic success

An AMEinfo exclusivity

“If today you visit government or semi-government offices in Arabia, you will see service robots,” Zaid Al Mashari, CEO of Proven Arabia Group told AMEinfo in an exclusive interview following the company’s unveiling. new generation Pudu robots in Arabia at the end of October.

Proven robotics, a leading Proven Solution company, and Pudu Robotics, an international high-tech company that designs and sells commercial service robots, has launched Pudu’s signature robots: KettyBot, BellaBot, PuduBot and Puductor 2.


KettyBot revolutionizes human-robot interaction, helping to obsolete manual tasks in customer service industries; while BellaBot and PuduBot are service delivery robots that can serve as utility assistants in multiple industries.

“When you talk about KettyBot, BellaBot and PuduBot, they are fairly new to the market but are quickly making a name for service robots in the hospitality and healthcare industry,” Al Mashari explained.

“This is our third robotics partnership, and our focus for the future will be service robots in various industries. We assess each type of robot, the value we could bring to our customers, and work to create a larger portfolio of solutions.

Through its close partnership with Pudu Robotics, Proven Robotics aims to offer fully scalable robotic automation solutions to customers in a wide range of industries and multiple sectors in direct contact with customers.

“There is a growing demand for robotics driven by the growing need for automation and contactless interactions,” Al Mashari said.

Who is proven robotics?

Created in 2020, Proven robotics is the robotic technology and software services provider of Proven Solution, a technology solutions company, both part of Proven Arabia, a holding company.

Proven Robotics is present in 5 countries: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Kuwait and India.

This startup is dedicated to designing bespoke robotic software solutions and providing robotics to its clients in the fields of healthcare, travel and hospitality, banking and financial services, retail, education and government and public services.

Pudu Robotics is an international high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design, R&D, production and sale of commercial service robots.

“We work in the service robotics industry, which is stand-alone interfaces based on systems that interact, communicate and provide services to business customers,” explained Al Mashari.

“We specialize in creating immersive experiences using robotic solutions and delivering effective customer engagement through robots, a technology sector in high demand and with a promising future. “

Robots at your service

Incorporating service robots into corporate or government offices, to interact with customers and work as hand-in-hand support helpers with employees, has become the norm. These robots replace monotonous and repetitive administrative tasks such as those performed by a receptionist in a hotel. Automating these tasks allows employees to focus on more practical and productive activities.


The adoption of this model is increasingly popular in Saudi Arabia, according to Al Mashari.

“You will start to see service robots in work and everyday life over the next 5 years. Hospitality, banking, retail and travel are embracing technology for its high efficiency in handling recurring tasks, ”said Al Mashari.

Technavio monitors the robotics market in the Middle East and estimates that it is poised to grow by $ 385.75 million from 2021 to 2025, an annual growth of nearly 5% during the forecast period.

Focused on innovation and a future mega-city, NEOM seeks to adopt high-tech solutions, including AI and robotics, to help accelerate the growth and adoption of this market.

“We see NEOM not only as a customer, but also as a strategic partner, because the leaders behind it drive innovation in the market in line with our goals as a company. We are proud to be a NEOM approved robotics supplier, ”Al Mashari announced.

More than just suppliers

Proven Robotics is not just a robotics solutions provider. It projects business support into the future by offering high-end products and cutting-edge technologies, including AI, robotics, blockchain, AR / VR, and IoT.

“We are a software and hardware company. We design end-to-end robotic solutions using our own PRoMS (Proven Robotics Management System) and custom robotic applications. Our management system can allow the end user to create and create applications or presentations on the software, thus personalizing their needs, ”explained Al Mashari.

“Our goal is to build this ecosystem for Saudi Arabia, our current focus, and to provide assistance in terms of funding. To do this, we have partnered with local finance institutions aimed at supporting SMEs and helping them adopt these innovative products.


Being a new technology, Proven Robotics is currently creating market awareness and building a holistic ecosystem that takes a holistic approach to property in terms of financing, insurance, warranty and a dedicated support system through a service center.

“Our global partnerships with the best robotics companies allow us to offer our customers an environment of trust and expertise. We train our staff and offer a full service center and dedicated after-sales support as part of our customer-centric approach, ”said Al Mashari.

Cost considerations

“The cost of our robots is competitive, especially when you consider the financial support and the financing terms that we can provide. We also offer a support and maintenance service with a 2 to 3 year warranty, ”noted Al Mashari.

But what’s intriguing about this business is that the potentially expensive robot might not be the biggest ticket.

“Proven Robotics specializes in robotics software development, but companies can build their own robotics management system for their robots, or we can help them with a bespoke solution. Our solutions can be easily integrated into companies’ CRM or HR systems. Software, depending on the complexity, may be where most of the costs lie. For simple tasks like bots that greet guests, it doesn’t cost that much, but for delivery bots, it’s more complicated.

Al Mashari has come to an end.

“Technology is less about replacing people than it is about supplementing and supporting certain functions. Robotics is a sector that brings more value to companies and allows their teams to focus on tasks with high added value. When it comes to saving time and money, with robotics it’s automatic.

A closer look at BellaBot’s specs


  • 4 infrared induction trays 10kg
  • Double the load capacity in manual delivery
  • 20 BellaBots are supported to run at the same time
  • Interaction functions bring special experience and attract more customers
  • Deliver over 400 dishes in a single day
  • The exchangeable battery allows 24 hours of non-stop work
  • Free staff from routine work
  • Contactless delivery helps reduce risk of infection

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