RateGain launches Demand.AI, an AI-powered SaaS solution to instantly track demand from hyper-local cities


DALLAS, September 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – RateGain Technologies, a provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality, today announced the launch of Demand.AI, a unique self-service SaaS solution powered by AI to help businesses to follow hyper-local demand at city level and optimize their commercial strategy and ensure better ROI.

The increased volatility due to COVID-19 has made it difficult for any business to plan for the future. Additionally, COVID-19 has introduced an anomaly in demand forecasting by disrupting trends in historical data, making it less reliable to understand the demand they can expect over the next two months.

While the pandemic has been a challenge for most industries that depend on tourism to generate income, the challenge has been more pronounced for teams that rely on historical data to plan their future demand, particularly in hotels. , airlines, vacation rentals, car rentals, destinations – marketing organizations and tourist boards.

Inaccurate forecasting also affects agencies which must organize campaigns and outdoor events localized according to attendance in the specific locality of a city; therefore, the need for an easy-to-use and affordable platform has never been greater.

Demand.AI solves this problem by providing a demand index for the city ranked from 0 to 100 to help them understand how demand is changing over 75 days. The easy-to-use and instantly accessible platform also allows the user to track demand for each locality in the city, using a map view or table to compare which locality in each city will see the highest demand.

Besides the demand index, users can also understand what kind of demand would be coming to the city, popular booking patterns and how it would affect hotel and vacation rental bookings.

Conceptualized and developed by RG Labs, RateGain’s 6-month in-house incubator, the product leverages RateGain’s data lake with billions of data points on user searches, transactions and prices from hotels, airlines. , car rentals, vacation rentals. with other forward-looking demand metrics such as active COVID cases, vaccination numbers, news on locks / restrictions, events, weather, airline capacity and reservations to give a forecast for help of the AI, which is updated every week.

Traditional Demand forecast products are complex to obtain information and always have a medium to long incubation period. immediate need for any business that depends on the demand induced by travel.

Commenting on the launch, Bhanu chopra, founder of RateGain, said: “We know that today tourism, directly and indirectly, creates 3 out of every ten jobs around the world according to the WTTC. However, the inability of businesses to understand future travel demand and its impact on them creates poor customer experiences and lost revenue opportunities to recover from the pandemic, which has an impact on creating sustainable jobs. With Demand.AI, we are committed to making the future of travel clear and making it simple, clear and instantaneous, helping all travel-related businesses recover easily from the pandemic. “

Users can sign up for full access to a free trial for two weeks by signing up at https://www.demand-ai.com.

About RateGain

RateGain is a global provider of SaaS solutions for the hospitality and travel industry, delivering travel and hospitality solutions that generate new revenue every day. We are one of the world’s largest data point aggregators for the hospitality and travel industry (Source: Phocuswright Report). For more information visit https://www.rategain.com

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