Rajnath endorses revised ‘lodging scales’ for Armed Forces; JCO to Get Auto Garages – The New Indian Express


NEW DELHI: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday approved revised “lodging rates” for the defense services in a bid to ensure better living conditions and working spaces for armed forces personnel .

The Ministry of Defense has indicated that the establishment of the Accommodation Scales – 2022 will facilitate the improvement of facilities and infrastructure for the stay of armed forces personnel.

Officials said the new standards will provide for the creation of sustainable living and working spaces, as buildings will have to feature energy efficiency mechanisms, improved structural design, multi-level parking and energy conservation systems. water, among others.

Under the new Accommodation Scales (SoA), the majority of Junior Officers (JCOs), as well as Other Ranks (ORs), are expected to have car garages.

According to the standards in force, only agents are authorized to have automobile garages. “Implementation of Accommodation Scales – 2022 would be a significant improvement in integrated facilities/infrastructure and specifications commensurate with contemporary requirements,” the MoD said.

The SoA defines facilities construction authorization for operational, functional, training, administrative, living and recreational facilities for the defense services, according to the ministry.

He said the new arrangements would provide for having the required amenities in all public buildings for people with disabilities, adding that ‘gender community’ in all specifications has been ensured. “This will ensure contemporary specifications in future projects and better living conditions for armed forces personnel,” the ministry said in a statement.

He said the “accommodation scales” aimed to optimize the use of defense land by using multi-storey construction and austerity measures by combining common facilities.

“These would ensure better working and living conditions for defense personnel including defense civilians. Amenities in all public buildings for the disabled have been introduced and gender community in all specifications has been assured,” the ministry said.

He said these scales are applicable to the three Defense Services and the Indian Coast Guard. The previous SoA was approved by the government in October 2009.

“With the introduction of new units, technological facilities and equipment profile, operational readiness requirements, increased threat perception, the concept of sustainable development including contemporary industry standards and increased user aspirations to the improvement in the standard of living, there was an inescapable need for the revision of the SoA 2009,” the ministry said.

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