Professional vacation rental marketers travel to Charleston for post-Covid look into the future, August 17-18


Professional vacation rental marketers travel to Charleston for post-Covid look into the future, August 17-18


Forward-looking vacation rental marketers predict a rapidly changing competitive landscape. After hearing from these leaders, a substantive marketing trail was added to Charleston’s strategy 2021 Data and Revenue Management (DARM) Conference with a surprising amount of new information and education on direct marketing.

By definition, revenue management is about deliver the right product to the right consumer at the right time at the right price on the right channel. Revenue management is primarily a marketing function. Therefore, it made no sense to present this year’s DARM conference without addressing the biggest marketing challenges facing the vacation rental industry, including direct marketing.

As a result, this conference has a high level direct marketing track that addresses the many changes in vacation rental and online marketing for professional vacation rental managers. While many other data and revenue management sessions are marketing functions as well, here are the direct marketing topics we’ll be discussing:

  • Your “Limited Edition” Unique Selling Proposition (USP) with Matt Landau, Founder, VRMB and Unlocked Podcast
  • How Search Engine Optimization REALLY Works for the Vacation Rental Industry with Paul Hanak, Marketing Director, ICND
  • Generate bookings with a comprehensive digital advertising strategy with Conrad O’Connell, Founder, BuildUp Bookings
  • SSocial campaigns: optimizing social channels the right way with Greg Minor, Founder and CEO, Vacations4you
  • Optimization: An In-Depth Review of Merchandising Properties on Your Own Website with Braeden Flaherty (Bluetent), Ben Ollic (Q4 launch) and Josh Guerra (Bizcor)
  • #BookDirect and your call center: The battle for direct bookings is hand-to-hand combat with Doug Kennedy, Kennedy Training Network
  • Email Marketing Strategies 2022: Email Marketing Strategies And Tactics As A Key Element Of The Revenue Optimization Strategy with Amir Rashid, NAVIS
  • Talk to owners: Communicate revenue management and marketing initiatives with owners, Sign
  • Traveler demand: measuring and comparing consumer demand with Amber Carpenter, CMO, Acme House Company and Founder, Demand IQ
  • Create recurring business: convert direct and third-party guests into repeat customers with Tyann Marcink, David Angotti, Matt Landau, Suneel Goud and Arthur Colker
  • Play Bigger: Tips and Tricks to Generate Direct Bookings with Tim Schutts, Vice President, Atlas Digital Marketing of TravelNet Solutions

Register for the 3rd Annual Vacation Rental Data and Income Management (DARM) Conference 2021, August 17-18, Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, SC.

When it comes to vacation rental distribution, the DARM conference includes other vacation rental marketing professionals that professionals will find useful, including:

  • Pricing strategy: developing a revenue management strategy in the new travel landscape
  • Revenue strategy levers: the pricing levers that revenue managers pull to get the needle going
  • Length-of-stay (LOS) strategies: use LOS tactics to manage channel performance and optimize occupancy
  • Hotel revenue management strategies: when to use, when to fit and when to throw away
  • Optimization of ads and prices on OTAs: Vrbo, Airbnb and other channels
  • Channel Loyalty: Are all your eggs in too few baskets?
  • API Connections: Implementing Channel Revenue Management Strategies Using Channel Managers, PMS, and Direct Connections
  • C19 Trends Aftermath: The world in 2022
  • The future of vacation rental income optimization
  • Building a 2022 Revenue Optimization Team: What the Organizational Chart of a High Performing Team Looks Like (Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): What metrics are important and how are they calculated and compared between vacation rental systems?
  • PMS Data: Finding Hidden Business Answers in Your PMS Data
  • Hosting an RM Meeting: How to Host a Revenue Strategy Meeting
  • Channel Management Profitability Checklist: Features That Drive Profitability
  • Data-Driven Property Managers: How to Set Up Your Benchmarks to Succeed in Your Key Data Dashboard
  • Rental recovery roadmap: What trends in the short-term rental industry will prevail?
  • Building competitive sets: developing sets of compositions and available tools
  • Rental Inventory and Owner’s Measures: A Guide to Measuring and Improving What Really Matters to Your Inventory
  • Channel performance measurement: channel metrics, incremental and A / B tests, and what to do if API connections fail
  • Forecast 2022: Forecast when historical performance is outdated

There are a lot of them here, so we are recording it all and participants will receive a video package of all sessions.

If you can’t make it to Charleston, we’re also allowing VRMs to purchase the recordings (which will be available September 8).

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