Planning to travel? Keep these things in mind for a safe hotel stay


Traveling during a pandemic may not be the best decision you can make right now. And we don’t even suggest one for you. The pandemic is anything but over, so maximum safety precautions must be taken by anyone considering travel. Cities have started to open gradually – but with precautions due to the daily losses (business and livelihood) due to the pandemic. While the hospitality industry does its best to provide maximum security, the risks of contracting the virus are always at their maximum. It is therefore imperative that travelers keep the new normal in mind and take extra precautions, where appropriate, to minimize the risk of catching an infection while traveling. An online travel agent has offered some suggestions for travelers to keep in mind before booking or while staying at the hotel. Check in detail.

Things to keep in mind before check-in

Before booking a room, it is important that you know the guidelines and security protocols that the hotel follows. Check whether the hotel’s security guidelines / protocols (disinfection, cleanliness) are up to government guidelines or not. Checking whether the hotel accepts cashless payments and provides other contactless services should also be the top priority in order to ensure the security measures taken by the hotel. You can also check the hotel’s occupancy rate as fewer guests would mean less chances of catching COVID.

Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!

There is no doubt that hotels disinfect and clean rooms between guests effectively, it still wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a quick cleaning session yourself, especially on high contact points such as door handles. door, switches, TV remotes and other surfaces. Use disinfectant wipes or take travel spray for maximum safety. When it comes to housekeeping, it would be best to avoid excessive housekeeping needs, especially at this time.

Use the stairs!

Try to use the stairs and not the elevators as many people use it in the hotel to ensure maximum safety. Such a compact space could increase your chances of catching an infection (COVID). So if your health allows it, go with the stairs.
Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for ground floor rooms to minimize contact with the elevators. It is also advisable not to use shared hotel facilities (spa, gym and others) as the risks of spreading the virus are very high in these activities. Better to take a walk or ask for a spacious room where you can exercise. This way you won’t miss a workout and also be safe.

Keep windows open

The WHO (World Health Organization) suggests that windows should be kept open to allow fresh air and that adequate ventilation should be provided as the risk of airborne transmission is relatively higher in indoor spaces with crowded spaces. Guests should look for hotels that allow them to open windows or check to see if they have a high efficiency particulate filter (HEPA) in their rooms. A table fan can also be used as it brings in more outside air and is effective if used near a window.

Avoid food buffets / public places

Avoiding food buffets during the trip might be the hardest decision; after all, who wants to miss meals at great hotels? But considering the current situation, it is advisable to avoid food buffets in internal restaurants. The risk of physical contact with other guests is very high during buffets. So a better way is to order food straight to your room to ensure safety and avoid the risk of contracting viruses.

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