Parties, dress, accommodation: shocked bridesmaids wonder if the ‘absurd’ amount spent on a friend’s wedding is common


Posting on Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum, the woman explained on accepting the role, she “really had no idea” how much it would cost.

“I’ve been to other weddings and just had to buy the dress. Big mistake for me – I’ve never been in a wedding monstrosity,” she revealed.

The maid of honor wrote that she only began to see the error of her ways when costly events started to be planned. A bridal shower at an expensive restaurant was organized by one of the bride’s sisters, who “harassed everyone [to pay] in a group chat “.

“She said what everyone owed and who paid. I was the only one who expressed problems with the budget – because I had other financial problems that I was dealing with,” revealed the young lady. of honor.

“Then she tried to take credit for the whole thing, although admittedly I finally told the bride that the cost was shared. I couldn’t hold my tongue on it anymore.”

The bridesmaid went on to write that although the bride had told her she had “financial responsibilities” as a bridesmaid, she thought the ever-rising costs were “absurd.”

“I ordered the dress she wanted [and] it’s not right… the size is so small, it’s not even suitable for life.

“Now I need a seamstress and three more nights of hotel rooms for the remainder of the wedding. Plus $ 100 more for the hair she wants.”

But the real kicker? When the Reddit poster itself ran off, the bride didn’t even send a card to say “congratulations.”

“I’m just having trouble justifying spending almost $ 2,000 on someone who couldn’t pick up a card at the grocery store and mail it to me.”

She asked other Reddit users if she was being unreasonable, and the response was overwhelmingly on her side.

“These pre-wedding activities seem overkill to me – I see no shame in stepping back and declaring everything off budget. Real friends would be understanding,” one person wrote.

“Seriously. If you can’t afford it and you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. It’s a marriage, not a mafia contract,” agreed another.

“Can you just attend as a guest?” Another questioned. “She doesn’t look like your best friend, but if she’s a friend just tell her that you are honored, she has asked you to participate but cannot afford that level of commitment and you have to step back now. before spending more money. “

For the other bewildered bridesmaids in the same boat, Martha Stewart Weddings event planner Alyssa Brown says there are few things bridesmaids should be required to pay.

She told the Daily mail Bridesmaids are expected to purchase their own shoes, as they will save them for future clothing and accessories.

She said the bridesmaids should also team up to buy a wedding gift and cover the bride’s expenses at the time of the hen.

This is not the first time that a discerning bride has made the headlines. Last year, another bridesmaid sparked an internet debate after revealing the cost of her “expensive” bridesmaid dress, which she had to purchase herself.

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