Open Tomaree Lodge for emergency accommodation now! – News from the region

DEAR news from the region,

In recent months, more than 4,000 homes have been rejected by Council to be built over 20 years in Port Stephens.

Mayor Palmer raised this issue when addressing the social issue of homelessness.

He seemed to imply that the rejection of development was the cause of the problem our community members are now facing.

The long-term accommodation he was talking about was rejected by the majority of councilors because it was prone to flooding.

Affordable housing is definitely an issue.

The lack of forward planning is certainly a problem, but the connection between the rejected developments caused Councilor Kafer to react and rightly so at the recent Council meeting.

Mayor Palmer stood up, asking Kafer to apologize.

It was all a bit confusing but can be viewed on the webcast, just jump to 2:33.08 at

Palmer clearly doesn’t know that those living in their cars, in tents on the streets, need emergency shelter.

I don’t think Palmer wants to see Tomaree Lodge open to accommodate women and children living in cars.

He donated $10,000 of his funds to mayor in his last term to see the Lodge progress as part of a tourist hub.

We need leaders willing to change course when necessary, to lead with compassion and understanding. We need leaders willing to call a plumber and open the Lodge NOW!


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