Omnia Wellness is organizing a series of events with Health &


Events organized in Zurich and Monaco in upscale hotels and spas prime locations for SolaJet installations

Europe represents a large market for advanced health and wellness technologies

DENVER, July 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Omnia GoodIness INC. (the Company) (Nasdaq: OMWS), a health and wellness company that commercializes advanced therapeutic technologies, today announced that it will host a series of events in Monaco and Switzerland with leaders from the health and wellness industry , to discuss marketing opportunities for its SolaJet dry hydrotherapy system and other products throughout the US and international markets.

“We are very excited to demonstrate the value and benefits of our SolaJet dry hydrotherapy system to key leaders in the European health and wellness markets as well as to those in the hotel and resort industries,” said Steve Howe, Executive Chairman of Omnia Wellness. “There is a huge amount of interest in European Union countries – our event in Zurich is generating exceptional interest, and our event in Monte Carlo was over-subscribed, so we had to book a larger facility – including the population of nearly 450 million people is very receptive to new ways to improve health and well-being. We will talk about bringing our brand to customers in Switzerland as well as Monaco, the Italian and French Rivieras, and across Western and Central Europe.

SolaJet’s patented dry hydrotherapy system offers proprietary endokinetic therapy that uses water to merge four treatments into a single modality: deep tissue penetration, sequential compression, vibration and penetrating heat. Sessions can remarkably rejuvenate the body in as little as 15 minutes, surpassing many of the benefits of a traditional hour-long massage. Additionally, the SolaJet addresses concerns of around 40 percent of the U.S. population (before Covid) who will not receive a massage due to their aversion to touching it.

Swiss Event

Where: Hotel La Tureta, Bellinzona, Switzerland

When: Thursday July 8, 2021

Monegasque event

Where: Fairmont Monte Carlo

When: noon, Monday July 12, 2021

McKinsey & Company analysts estimate the wellness market alone at $ 1.5 trillion and expect that market to grow at a rate of 5-10% per year. The global health and wellness market in the world could reach more than three times that number, or $ 4.65 trillion, in 2021, according to Wellness Creatives.

About Omnia Bien-être inc.

Omnia Wellness Inc. is an innovative developer of revolutionary dry hydrotherapy technology for massage, fitness and medical applications in the health and wellness industry. Through its subsidiaries Omnia Wellness Inc. and Solajet Financing Company, Omnia Wellness plans to commercialize SolaJet’s dry hydrotherapy and endokinetic technology, which provides deep penetration, suppressing tissue, vibration, therapeutic heat and a “wave” of body rinsing therapies in 1. Treatments are designed to provide a sensation similar to a traditional one-hour massage in as little as 15 minutes at an affordable price for the consumer. In response to Covid-19, the Company is emphasizing its technology as a “non-contact” therapy. Omnia Wellness expects to create a national chain of “BodyStop® Relaxation and Therapy Centers”, with the first beta of BodyStop® scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2021, and “BodyStop® Recovery Zones”, which should be made available in fitness clubs.

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