Ohio State Receives 2022 Governor’s Inclusive Employer Award

The Ohio State University and Wexner Medical Center today received the 2022 Governor’s Inclusive Employer Award.

In 2019, Governor Mike DeWine signed an executive order that established Ohio as a disability inclusion state and a model employer for people with disabilities. The award is given to employers who meet the criteria for having an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted and Ohio Office of Persons with Disabilities (OOD) Director Kevin Miller presented the award to Ohio State President Kristina M. Johnson; Jeff Risinger, senior vice president of talent, culture, and human resources at Ohio State; and the medical center’s interim co-leaders, Dr. Andrew Thomas and Jay Anderson.

“It is such a great privilege for The Ohio State University to be recognized as an inclusive workplace, from our recruiting and hiring practices to supporting our faculty, staff, and students with accommodations. and accessibility in the workplace,” Johnson said. “I am thrilled to receive, on behalf of this incredible institution, the Governor’s Inclusive Employer Award, and on behalf of all who work to make the State of Ohio a truly inclusive place so everyone can learn and work.”

Ohio State offers many training opportunities for staff on topics related to etiquette, awareness, and disability inclusion. Additionally, information about the reasonable accommodation process is provided in every job posting, reviewed during onboarding, and is readily available to current employees who may need an accommodation.

“The university and Wexner Medical Center have demonstrated a clear commitment to building and sustaining a community that reflects diversity and enhances opportunity for everyone, including all qualified people with disabilities,” Husted said.

The award recognizes the State of Ohio’s commitment to disability inclusion in marketing and communications materials to “create accessible experiences where any Buckeye can imagine themselves working.”

Thomas said the medical center has cared for patients with disabilities for generations.

“This award extends this work beyond patient care, to actually helping people earn a living in our environment,” he said. “It makes us a better place to work, a better place to learn and certainly a better place to care for these patients, because we understand the accommodations needed for these people to join the workforce.

“When you see what Ohio State is doing, they’re not doing it for recognition. They do it because it’s part of the culture. It’s about what Ohio State is and being a Buckeye,” Miller said. “When we talk about inclusive hiring, Ohio State leads the way.”

Johnson said the university has worked to ensure inclusion is built into the DNA of university programs. This includes an integrated human resources disability team that works with university and medical center units to provide guidance and establish accommodations.

Some programs include:

  • Windmills Disability Awareness Training in conjunction with the Office of Ohioans with Disabilities to examine personal attitudes and biases towards people with disabilities.
  • A dedicated team that works with employees and units to establish reasonable accommodations.
  • An Ohio State Embedded Investment Counselor on the university’s human resources team.
  • Ohio State is also an Aira campus – a service that connects blind and visually impaired people with highly trained, remotely located agents.
  • Transportation and traffic management provides an accessible bus system as well as a paratransit system on campus.

The OOD determined the criteria for the award in accordance with its toolkit for inclusive employers: inclusive workplace; recruit, hire and support employees; workplace accommodations; and workplace accessibility. A five-member committee used a pre-determined scoring process focused on employer descriptions of policies, processes and activities surrounding inclusive employment.

The award is given in October Disability Employment Awareness Month.

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