New six-story student accommodation planned in Nottingham


A new 297-room student accommodation block is planned in Nottingham city center.

A planning request has been submitted for the main student housing program on Traffic Street in the Southside regeneration area of ​​Nottingham.

Previously, concerns were raised about the “overdevelopment” of the region.

If approved, the development will be five and six storeys high and offer 297 rooms, spread across a mix of apartments and studios, with a wide range of amenities and facilities, including study rooms. , a common lounge, a gym, a cinema, a laundry room and a bicycle. storage.

If the planning request is successful, the developer aims for the building to be completed by summer 2023.

The site is currently occupied by two industrial units and a parking lot, and was historically used as a sawmill.

The program will be developed by the student brand Engage of Urban Developments (York) Ltd, both of which are part of Urban Group (York) Ltd, and it was designed by Leeds-based Brewster Bye Architects.

Brendon Hutchinson, Managing Director of Urban Group (York) Ltd, said: “This is a fantastic site to get involved in, in a key area of ​​Nottingham city center that benefits from significant investment and regeneration.

“It is also a short walk from the city center, Nottingham train station and the tram network, which connects it to Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University, making it an ideal location for students.

“There is also a particularly strong demand in Nottingham for this type of development. The city is widely recognized as one of the best university towns in the UK with a large and growing student population who desire high quality homes with exceptional communal facilities in vibrant locations. Importantly, this type of development also frees up the traditional housing stock for local people and families, making it a particularly exciting opportunity.

Mark Henderson, Director of Brewster Bye Architects, said: “The submission of this planning request follows a successful pre-request process with Nottingham City Council and this development now has the potential to be an important piece of the puzzle in Regeneration of Traffic Street and Regeneration Area on the south side of Nottingham.

“We specifically designed the development to create a solid facade on Traffic Street, while also complementing the surrounding developments and providing breathing space between neighboring buildings via two expansive landscaped courtyards on either side of the project. All of this combine to create a high quality, aesthetic development that sits comfortably in its surroundings and will provide students with a superb standard of accommodation in an evolving and popular part of the city.

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