New five-storey accommodation with modern facilities for Sierra Leonean military officers – SIERRA LEONE TELEGRAPH


We welcome this military aid from the Chinese government, to help build housing for our men and women in military service. We hope that the organic government can extend these negotiating skills to our development partners, or to NGOs to help families across the country who live in cramped housing unsuitable for human habitation. Sadly, the military is an institution that no government can afford to ignore. And if they do, they ignore them at their peril. The soldiers are pampered because they know where the ammunition is stored. I don’t know at this time, but when one of my cousins ​​served in the armed forces under the command of Brigadier M. S Tarawali during the reign of President Momoh, part of the make-up of his salary was the bag monthly guaranteed. of rice he received.

Even though there was a shortage of rice across the country, the army was still well supported by the government of the day. The same goes for the education of children of military personnel, the best health care. As we all know, the best place to get medical treatment in Sierra Leone is at the 34 Wilberforce Military Hospital. I used to joke with my cousin, maybe if each of the 7 million Sierra Leoneans was armed, it is not for the war that I hasten to add, but just as a statement, our elected leaders in government will surely keep their promises to the people. If it can work for the military, why not build affordable homes for the poor families of Susan Bay, our health care workers, our police, our firefighters, our teachers, the list goes on. The government can afford to ignore these groups and the general population, as we present no imminent threat to Bio, nor to any other government before and after it.

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