New Buffalo investigates short-term rental issues


There will be no new approved short-term rental properties in residential areas of New Buffalo for next year as the city studies the matter. City Manager Darwin Watson tells us that there is currently a moratorium on short-term rentals that was enacted last year and will expire on December 13. The council decided last week that there should be no approvals for short-term rentals in areas R1, R2 and R3. for a year while municipal officials write a study for the town planning commission.

“The city will examine how saturated and dense the properties are in these neighborhoods, and then city staff are, by ordinance, required to report to the planning commission, which can then make recommendations to city council. “There is the possibility of opening short-term rentals in these three districts,” Watson said.

Watson says new short-term rentals could be approved in the interim in shopping and other districts. The concern is what effect having a large number of vacation rental homes has on the community.

“The main objective of the council was to protect the integrity of the residential neighborhoods within the boundaries of its business.

City council action last week garnered media attention in Chicago and Detroit. It was then that legislation limiting local control of vacation rentals was considered in Lansing.


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