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With the continued ambition to provide additional facilities for pilgrims to the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine in Katra, the construction of a spacious building – Durga Bhawan to accommodate over 2000 pilgrims on average per day continues at full speed. Due to be completed before the end of the year, the building, when completed, will fulfill one of the basic and main requirements of the stay of visiting pilgrims and that too at a nominal price. The project costing around Rs.28 crore aims to accommodate up to 2500 pilgrims daily which was to give a new shape and structure to the comfort and convenience of devout pilgrims. Free accidental insurance cover of Rs.5 lakh to every pilgrim and continuously improved arrangements along the trail punctuated with important announcements and necessary information like for Aarti etc. .
A notable feature in relation to the provision of facilities to visiting pilgrims is a constant process of review and reassessment by the Shrine Board of the existing support base and to ensure that the types of additions on a innovative base could be arranged. This approach ensures a back-to-back basis to maintain the overall arrangements for a smooth yatra for pilgrims. In the Bhawan which is under construction, arrangements to provide lockers to keep valuables etc. safely by the pilgrims in stay, associated with bathing ghats, aim to make the stay quite pleasant and convivial. Going without food and water, etc. is unimaginable and, it bears repeating, the Shrine Board has provided like hygienic and homemade food at fairly cheap rates along the tracks in its Bhojanalyas. Since the whole area is prone to earthquakes, the necessary provisions in this regard to ensure full protection of the pilgrims, such as slope stabilization measures, metal trellises, etc. to mitigate the impact of landslides, should they occur, indicate how the Shrine Board takes every aspect related to the yatra into consideration with an all-pronged approach.
In this direction, the constant efforts of the Shrine Board to ensure maximum infrastructural support to the existing system to make the yatra down to the last point more oriented towards installations supported by the introduction of the digital medium are also noteworthy. In this regard, it is hardly necessary to dwell on the various online services provided to pilgrims, including battery car services for the elderly, women and the specially disabled. These measures have made the visit of devotees to the holy shrine smooth, hassle-free and enjoyable. The latest regarding hosting at a completely affordable cost is indeed a big step forward. Such measures moreover, pleasantly the element of an increased spirit of devotion, broaden the prospects for a steady increase in the volume of turnover of pilgrims from all over the country, including from parts of other countries towards The sanctuary.
Such measures, on the other hand, are also in recognition of the enormous role that the pilgrimage to the shrine has played in strengthening UT’s economy which is mainly driven by tourism, including religious tourism, especially activities local trade associated with the payment of obedience to the holy shrine by visiting pilgrims. Railways, civil aviation and road transport in particular benefit greatly due to passengers bound for Katra for paying homage to the shrine all year round. It is therefore imperative that not only more and more pilgrims visit the holy city of Katra to pay homage to the highly revered shrine, but how and to what extent maximum facilities of all hues are made for devout pilgrims. Thus, making constant efforts in this direction is directly linked to the pilgrimage in its entirety which takes place every day of the year.

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