Muslim turned away by landlords finds accommodation

When Kawsar Amin Howlader woke up on Monday morning, his mobile phone was inundated with messages from strangers offering to rent or buy their property.

The messages came after the Bangladeshi businessman, who has lived here for 15 years, described how he was considering leaving the country after being repeatedly turned away by potential landlords for being “a Muslim man and a third-country national”.

Less than 24 hours later Malta weather published his story, Amin Howlader made a deal for an apartment.

“Someone contacted me after the article was published, I met her, saw the place and liked it. We reached an agreement on Monday evening,” he said.

Amin Howlader, who is eligible for Maltese citizenship next year and is also fluent in Maltese, was looking for a flat to rent with his soon-to-be-moving wife to Malta.

He owns the popular Indian restaurant St Julian’s Suruchi and also runs an association for the Bangladeshi community and describes himself as Maltese ‘at heart’.

On Monday, more than 40 people contacted him with offers of their properties.

“My cell phone hasn’t stopped; people keep texting and calling me, so much so that my battery charge keeps dying,” he said Malta weather.

“I’m so happy. All these messages show that there are still a lot of good people with humanity, care, love and respect for each other.

“We’re all people at the end of the day”

Her story inspired many readers, including one in particular who wanted to tell her about the possibility of renting out their family’s townhouse.

“His story really touched us and I and other family members want to help him out as a sign of solidarity,” said the man, who wished to remain anonymous. Malta weather.

“It’s quite disheartening to see someone being discriminated against and not being able to rent or find a property just because of their religion. Everyone is the same, we are all people at the end of the day.

This week, the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) issued a statement stating that discrimination in access to housing is both illegal and socially harmful.

“Those who experience racism and religious discrimination in access to housing are encouraged to report their case to the NCPE so that it can be investigated,” he said.

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