Michael Roby Sentenced To 18 Months In Jail After Seizing “Phantom Weapons” And Stockpiles Of Bumps, Says AG


According to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, a 39-year-old man from Wrentham has pleaded guilty to assembling “phantom weapons” and being in possession of stockpiles of bumps.

Michael Roby was sentenced by Judge William Sullivan in Norfolk Superior Court to two and a half years in the reformatory, 18 months to serve and the balance to be suspended for five years, with conditions of release, the Healey’s office in a statement. Friday.

Roby was facing charges, including two counts of possession of a silencer; two counts of possession of a machine gun; five counts of possession of explosives; and 20 counts of possession of a high capacity magazine.

Authorities define “ghost guns” as privately manufactured firearms that cannot be found that do not have a serial number or other identifying markings.

Guns are often made from gun parts kits. While purchasing such kits through online retailers or brick and mortar gun stores is legal, once assembled the gun may be untraceable and illegal.

“Ghost guns are a serious threat to public safety – they are nowhere to be found and are often made from readily obtainable items, allowing people to circumvent our laws,” Healey said. “My office is working with our law enforcement partners to keep these deadly guns off our streets. “

Roby was arrested in July 2019 following a joint investigation involving Healey’s office, Massachusetts State Police, Homeland Security Investigations, Customs and Border Patrol Task Force, the US Postal Service and the Wrentham Police Department.

When a search warrant was executed at Roby’s residence, authorities discovered six phantom pistols that Roby himself had built, as well as several high capacity magazines and ammunition, Healey’s office said in its statement.

At the time of Roby’s arrest, state police said the weapons found included two AR-15 style rifles that were stored unsecured in a room, one of which was loaded with a large magazine. capacity; three additional AR-15 style rifles that were in a room safe; and a Glock pistol that was stored unsecured in a nightstand and loaded with a high-capacity magazine, state police said.

State police said Roby had never had a firearm license or firearm ID card.

“Investigators believe that Roby had used gunpowder from the devices to build the guns and law enforcement had previously intercepted two Glock selectors, which are believed to be bump stocks in Massachusetts, which Roby had ordered to send them by mail, “said the attorney general. the office said.

Massachusetts became the first in 2018 to ban bump stocks, attachments that allow semi-automatic firearms to mimic rapid fire from machine guns.

A search warrant recently filed in Worcester District Court indicated that items shipped from China to Massachusetts led to the discovery of several phantom weapons.

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