Marco Travel is the world’s leading cryptocurrency travel and accommodation app


The next-generation travel app provides an easy-to-use, cryptocurrency-powered booking platform for consumers and businesses.

Marco Travel boldly opens a new door for the travel and accommodation technology industry, an exciting new frontier that has never been ventured until now. The app’s revolutionary technology welcomes users to an easy-to-use platform where travelers and accommodation owners can directly transact using cryptocurrency.

The Marco Travel app works using MRC tokens, the native cryptocurrency primarily used as a unit of exchange within the platform. MRC can be used freely within the Marco Travel ecosystem and can be stored securely using various cryptocurrency wallets including Trust Wallet, Metamask, WalletConnect, and Token Pocket.

A key aspect of the app is that it operates as a commission-free marketplace. No commission is deducted for all transactions paid with MRC. Alternatively, users can also pay using other cryptocurrencies for just a small charge. The options include BTC, ETH, and USDT. For hosts, a commission of 3% to 5% is also charged for bookings paid for with non-native currencies.

By having zero to minimal commissions, Marco Travel App offers better prices for bookings for the benefit of guests and hosts.

Customers have several accommodation options and travel services available on the Marco Travel app. Additionally, the app has a special reward system where users earn incentives by contributing useful content to the app community. By sharing their favorite places, smart beacons, photo or video media, users are rewarded with MRC tokens.

The Marco Travel app is available on iOS and Android. More information is available at

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