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Patients hospitalized at the Manning Base Hospital will benefit from more pleasant and contemporary accommodation after the second stage of the hospital’s redevelopment, according to Michael DiRienzo, general manager of the Hunter New England Health District. “I think we would all agree, it would be really nice to have contemporary inpatient accommodation – a better setup of wards, single rooms, en-suite bathrooms, etc., just to bring it up. to (the standard) of every hospital under development these days in NSW, “Mr. DiRienzio said. The need for improved housing for patients was one of the key findings of the clinical services plan of the Recently completed Lower Mid-North, a document that informs the redevelopment of the second $ 100 million hospital infrastructure stage. Stages 1A and 1B of the redevelopment, which focused on chemotherapy and kidney dialysis , followed by imaging and diagnosis, have been completed. “Now it’s time to start planning for the $ 100 million redevelopment that will happen as quickly as possible,” Mr. DiRienzo said. “A big part of it. of this what we are also doing is improving a range of services and introducing new models of care. This will be in addition to what we are doing now, which is trying to attract more specialized services in both medical and paramedical nursing. health. ”Mr. DiRienzo was in Taree on Tuesday, July 20 to discuss the document’s findings with hospital staff and key stakeholders. RELATED: Project team announced for Manning Le Base Hospital redevelopment clinical services plan will not be available to the general public as Mr. DiRienzo said it was a large and complex document and he did not want it to be misread or misinterpreted as a plan operational. “This is a clinical services plan designed to help us determine what infrastructure we need to build as part of our $ 100 million capital investment to achieve maximum service delivery.” , he said. “We have summarized and put forward all the findings of the clinical service plan and this is what we will release to the community and then I want them to hold us accountable for delivering what we are doing. can provide to pa rtake those priorities into our $ 100m investment. ”Alan Tickle, founder of the Manning Great Lakes Health Action Group and who presented an individual submission to the state parliament’s Rural Health Services Survey, said attended the presentation of the plan to the main stakeholders. He said there were concerns at that meeting that the plan was not being made available to the public. RELATED: Cleaners Help Dementia Patients in Hospital, Survey Says: “My personal view is that an executive summary would be useful for the community, with a cross-reference to the full clinical services plan. Clinical service plans for many other health districts are readily available on their websites, ”said Mr. Tickle. As for the presentation, Mr Tickle said it could be seen as a summary of the main takeaways from the plan. “We weren’t able to see the entire document, but the improvements reported in terms of the emergency department, short stay unit for pediatrics and a major upgrade of inpatient facilities would all be welcome. There were some bright spots in the plan as some of the improvements that had been announced by the community since 2016 were addressed in the clinical services plan. Mr Tickle said a question was asked during the presentation as to whether there were any plans for a public hospital in Forster in clinical wards “The response was that there will be discussions with the stakeholders in Forster regarding the planning of clinical service delivery to Forster, ”said Mr. Tickle. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can access our trusted content:


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