Malaga hotel one million international stays six months 2022

In the first six months of 2022, more than one million international tourists have chosen Malaga city hotels for their overnight stays.

According to the hotel occupancy survey published on Wednesday August 24 by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), activity in the hotel sector in Malaga is on the way to recovery. Data shows that hotels in the city of Malaga exceeded one million overnight stays in the first six months of 2022. This total only included foreign tourists.

The exact total indicated by the INE for the city of Malaga was 1,170,580 stays. In July alone, 178,704 overnight stays were recorded involving foreign tourists. The province of Malaga, as a whole, exceeded 2.5 million in the same six-month period.

As always, British tourists remain the mainstay of the market with 28,401 overnight stays in July. They are followed by the French, with 15,076 stays, the United States, with a total of 11,988, and Italy, with 12,419 nights.

It is important to highlight the average length of stay, with data showing that tourists arrived with bookings longer than two days: 2.6 in the UK case; 2.2 in French; 2.1 in the North American case and 2.3 in the Italian case.

However, tourists from the Netherlands are those who have spent the most days in Malaga. Their presence in July reached an average stay of 3.15 days, followed by those from Germany, with 2.9 days.

Malaga Tourism Councilor Jacobo Florido commented: “We are seeing an average two-day stay normalizing, and there are even individual markets where they are close and exceeding three days.”

He underlined the objective of continuing to work around the tourist segments: “which make it possible to maintain and increase these figures. In this way, the tourist not only passes but stays to experience all that the destination has to offer,” he suggested.

The hotel occupancy survey also indicated that the capital recorded an occupancy rate of 83.31% in July. In total, there were 128,477 travelers in the city’s hotels, of which 56.2% belonged to the international market (72,241) and 43.8% to the national market (56,236).

These travelers total a total of 295,235 nights between them, which exceeds the 274,501 hotel nights recorded before the pandemic in July 2019.

As for the national market in July, it is the Andalusians and the people of Madrid who have chosen Malaga as a destination to spend a few days of their holidays. The data shows that 51.6% of Spain’s 56,236 hotel travelers came from Andalusia itself (29,033), while 20.1% came from the Community of Madrid (11,346).

Andalusian tourists recorded an average stay of 1.8 days, while travelers from the Community of Madrid reached 2.4 days, as reported by


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