LS Speaker to provide free education and accommodation for children orphaned by Covid-19


Lok Sabha Speaker to provide free education and accommodation for orphaned children of Covid-19 victims

Lok Sabha President Om Birla has taken the initiative to provide free education and accommodation for children orphaned due to the deaths of their parents following the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of her efforts to help these children continue their education, Om Birla has arranged to provide free food and accommodation to more than 150 children in her constituency of Kota, Rajasthan, with the help of a private coaching institute “Allen Career Institute”, note from the President’s office here stated.

During their interaction with the Lok Sabha Speaker, these children told him about the difficult times they faced after losing their parents during the second wave of the coronavirus infection.

Birla assured the children that as a guardian he would always be by their side. “Whenever there are problems in the family, you have to tell me without hesitation, and help will be given,” he said.

“Our culture inspires us to take the initiative to help families in distress and to support these families with free education for their children. Food and accommodation should also be organized free of charge for children coming from other parts of the country, ”added Om Birla.

The President also called on the children to work hard to make their parents’ dreams come true. All the children said that their only goal is to take full advantage of the opportunity offered to them by him. Birla in turn urged them to pass the medical or technical examination and help the needy in society.

The president of Lok Sabha also thanked the leadership of the Allen Career Institute and other intellectuals at his Kota camp for the opportunity to alleviate the pain of the children by supporting them as a family member or guardian. in their hour of sorrow and pain.

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