Letters to the Editor: October 24, 2021


Rolovich’s sacking highlights bigger issue

The dismissal of head coach Nick Rolovich from Washington State University was clearly linked to his selfishness rather than his freedom. Pity. But what really bothered me was the fact that he was making an annual salary of $ 3.2 million, making him the highest paid public employee in Washington. This is not just an obscene amount to pay someone for the job, but once again shows how most institutions of “higher education” – or what should be correctly called “higher income” institutions – waste huge sums of money on administrative and personal / coach enrichment. instead of using money to fund scholarships, offer financial aid and give scholarships to minority students.

Jean Kitchen


What about ‘aina?

TMT protesters marched on the home of the university president, protesting that the university did not manage the land. Many of these protesters probably walked past a lot of garbage along the roads on their way to the President’s home, but no one is protesting that our islands are not being properly managed. Maybe, just maybe, these protesters could take some of their precious protest time to help clean up our islands.

Sue König


Now you understand

Regarding the production of “Love Island,” Sue Lee Loy said, “It feels like they’re enjoying our special place.” Now, Sue Lee Loy, you have an idea of ​​what Big Island residents think about vacation rentals.

Vicky Halquist


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