Kansas Jayhawk Notebook: Kansas Mauls Nevada

Kansas No.6 hits Nevada, 88-61, at Allen Fieldhouse | KUsports.com
With the Jayhawks leading 37-25 at the end of the first half, in a streak that essentially ended the game, Agbaji caught a run-out near midfield and floated for a dunk. highlight. He got it. And the windmill shot he delivered is not the one you see every night at Allen Fieldhouse. But he didn’t elevate the way his teammates know he can and some of them made sure to point it out after the win.

Notebook: KU bench gets more work done but still doesn’t produce consistently | KUsports.com
With so many games canceled or postponed in the past 10 days and the COVID-19 pandemic wracking college basketball programs from coast to coast, Kansas basketball coach Bill Self, said he and his staff have changed part of their workout routine in recent weeks.

basketball player will face George Mason on Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse | KUsports.com
The game was set to replace the postponed home opener of Kansas, sixth in the table, against TCU, who had to withdraw ut because of the COVID-19 issues within the Horned Frogs program. No makeup date has been announced for the KU-TCU game, but the Big 12 Conference is working on its rescheduling.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says it will not take long after the season to decide on the future
GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – Aaron Rodgers is ready to make a promise when it comes to his future: The Packers quarterback won’t take too long after this season to decide.

Ja from Memphis Grizzlies Morant feeds the secoSecond-half rally, 41 points to bury Los Angeles Lakers
“Whaten you shoot the bjust as well as he did tonight from the perimeter, with his speed and athleticism, it’s going to be hard to contain a guy like that because he’s doing all three levels of scoring, ”said LeBron James. , including 37 points, including eight 3-pointers to tie a career-high, was wasted. “You can’t – you can’t do nothing. He’s got you at his disposal. [and call]. “

Kyrie Irving “incredibly grateful” to be back with the Brooklyn Nets after fifirst practice of the season
“I understood their decision and I respected it,” Irving told reporters Wednesday at the Nets training center in Brooklyn, making his first public comment since Oct. 13. “I really had to sit down and think and try not to get too emotionally attached to what they were deciding to do. I really had to assess things and see things from their point of view, that is, – say the organization, my teammates.

Boston Celtics post hihistorically bad shooting performance lost to LA Clippers
“I guess so,” said Jaylen Brown, who scored 30 points but shot 13 for 36 for the game, when asked if the shot, good or bad, can be contagious. “We missed a lot of shots and I thought we had a lot of open looks.

Superhero Movies of 2021: Ranked Worst to Best
This genre has continued to dominate theaters and streaming services, and while there have been plenty of successes, there have also been some big hiccups. Now that the year is over, let’s take a look at my ranking list of all the superhero movies of 2021.

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Jeffrey Epstein associate convicted of sex trafficking
British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted on Wednesday of five federal sex trafficking charges after a jury found she played a critical role in recruiting and preparing teenage girls to be sexually assaulted by her close confidant, the wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The 50 Best Movies of 2021 – Paste
And luckily, they had some great movies to discuss: Not only have we had some exciting releases from American masters, but many international festivals and films in recent years have finally made their way to the United States now that the theaters have been opened. It was a year of bizarre mothers (baby cars, baby lambs, baby Annettes), reverend mothers (Charlotte Rampling, both at Dune and Benedetta), little mothers (Petite Maman) and parallel mothers (Parallel Mothers). It’s been a year of franchise entries fucking intertextuality, for better (The Matrix Resurrections) or worse (Space Jam: A New Legacy). It’s been a year of slow, loud cinema and a year of the most trashy fast-fashion fodder you can imagine. It was a year of musicals. The variety was there, if people wanted to look for it. And if 2021 had something going for it, people had more time and capacity to watch than ever before. We certainly did. So please, using what we’ve found, support some great filmmakers and a great industry in the midst of its metamorphosis.

Tiger shot down and dies at Naples Zoo in Florida after biting cleaner arm
Eko, an eight-year-old Malaysian tiger, was found with the man’s arm in his mouth at the Naples Zoo.

Noel Gallagher to film making of new album at Abbey Road
“Me writing, once you’ve seen it for an hour, you’ve seen it,” he said. “It’s the Beatles and Paul McCartney is writing ‘Get Back’ and I’m writing a record that, frankly, with the best will in the world, not many people will care.

“Me, playing the same five chords I’ve used all my life saying, ‘The sun, through the rain, can’t buy fame. “. . ‘, it does not have the same gravity.

How four ’70s-obsessed Italians became America’s new favorite rock band
MÃ¥neskin is a bunch of almost unbelievably nimble twenties who can squeeze into ’70s David Bowie jumpsuits (or, as is often the case in photoshoots, get out of them). He emerged victorious from the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest which decades earlier brought ABBA and Celine Dion to the world; Friday, that will help ring in 2022 on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve With Ryan Seacrest”.

New venues, major concerts in the spotlight in 2022 | Daily Inter Lac
The Flathead Valley marks a milestone in 2022 when construction of the new 1,000-seat McClaren Hall and the new Paul D. Wachholz College Center are completed at Flathead Valley Community College …

NASA Says Webb Space Telescope Fuel Will Likely Last More Than 10 Years Due to Precision Launch
After a successful launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope on December 25 and the completion of two mid-course corrective maneuvers, Team Webb analyzed its initial trajectory and determined that the observatory should have enough thruster to enable the support of science operations in orbit for more than a 10-year scientific lifespan. (The minimum baseline for the assignment is five years.)

Montana minimum wage increases 45 cents to $ 9.20 on January 1 – Flathead Beacon
HELENA – Montana’s minimum wage increases by 45 cents, to $ 9.20 an hour, effective Jan. 1, according to the Department of Labor and Industry.

‘Zoom Towns’ targets vacation rentals in western states – Flathead Beacon
His bill emerged in response to developers who began converting ski resort hotels into short-term condominiums with individual owners. This meant that new rentals were eligible for lower residential property tax rates, instead of the accommodation rate. In the ski town of Steamboat Springs, for example, the situation crushed the tax base by wiping $ 1.5 million from the budget of local schools, Hansen said.

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