Join HVMI, Oasis, Thirdhome and more for the RockSTRz Loyalty Webinar

Worldwide: ShortTermRentalz’s RockSTRz 5.0 webinar series resumes this Tuesday, April 26 [4pm BST] with a session focused on “What does brand loyalty mean in the short-term rental space?”sponsored by Flywire and NoiseAware.

With membership and loyalty programs being commonplace in the hospitality industry, companies in the short-term rental industry are taking note of how to attract new consumer demographics and retain them, but more work will be needed to create subscription or membership programs. for travelers who have traditionally stayed in accommodations other than short-term rentals.

Contributors include:

Topics will include how hotel brands are adapting their offering to satisfy their member base, what brands can do to broaden their appeal to more demographics, and existing or emerging business models that can successfully to win the loyalty of customers.

Register for the free webinar at the link HERE.

The next series of RockSTRz will also address a number of relevant and pressing topics in the global short-term vacation rental industry. To be considered for participation in the future RockSTRz session, please contact [email protected].

The rest of the schedule for RockSTRz 5.0 is as follows:

May 24 [4pm BST]: Pitch to Paul

21st of June [4pm BST]: Can traditional leisure companies break into the business travel segment?

July 19 [4pm BST]: Reducing pain points for property managers

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