Honolulu mayor announces suspension of large gatherings in O’ahu for four weeks


In the meantime, Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi announced today that starting Wednesday, he will suspend all large gatherings in O’ahu for four weeks, including shows, conventions, concerts and other live events. , according to a Tweet he posted today.

Mayor Blangiardi made the announcement of the change regarding large gatherings on O’ahu at a press conference Monday morning.

As of August 25, Mayor Blangiardi said the city is canceling all large gatherings. “This includes the University of Hawaii as far as the football team and women’s volleyball are concerned… We are going to shut down the Blaisdell… WaikÄ«kÄ« Shell and any other site that we can control,” he said at the time. of the press event broadcast live.

“The idea is that we think this is really the main source of community spread, and at the same time we obviously urge everyone to get vaccinated,” he said. “We are very pleased with the fact that with the cooperation of the community, (and) the understanding that this will go a long way for us,” said Mayor Blangiardi.

“We are at a point right now after more than 18 months of battling this disease, which we never really expected to be,” said Mayor Blangiardi. “We really thought we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but over the past few weeks our cases have increased. The Delta variant turned out to be more than great, ”he said.


The last governor’s decree had allowed professionally planned events on the condition that organizers submit mitigation plans and get approval from the counties where they are being held.


Mayor Blangiardi said about 180 shots were set to happen, ranging from more than 50 gusts to events where the number of participants exceeded 1,000. Hundreds of pages of nominations were submitted for rallies provided in O’ahu for everything from weddings to conventions.

He said the city and county of Honolulu would enforce the rule for 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors, and allow events that meet those parameters.

In the meantime, Governor David Ige will provide a statewide COVID-19 update during a press briefing scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

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