Homeless student becomes TikTok star with 10million subscribers earning £ 3,000 per month


An officially homeless drama student has become one of Britain’s top TikTok stars with over 10 million followers.

Ehiz Ufuah, 22, lives with his family in emergency accommodation after experiencing hard times and losing their counseling home 15 months ago.

Now her big ambition is to buy a home for her single mom, three sisters and two brothers after making a surprise breakthrough online – with a fun clip on the dishes.

Ehiz was stunned when it went viral – and now earns around £ 3,000 a month from the video-sharing platform. And he hopes his success might even help him achieve his ambition to be a Hollywood actor.

But it all sounded like a pipe dream as the University of Greenwich student and his family lost their counseling home in Romford, east London, and were temporarily moved to a Travelodge in January 2020.

Ehiz was stunned when his video went viral on TikTok

Ehiz says he joined TikTok in February 2020 “to see what the hype was about.”

He posted a comedic video of him pacing up and down wondering if he should do the dishes for his mother or leave her for her siblings – before running to the sink when he hears her coming.

Ehiz was stunned when he hit 750,000 views, saying, “I’ve only had about three subscribers so far.

Ehiz Ufuah, 22, who is officially homeless
Ehiz has promised to buy his mother and his three sisters and two brothers a house to live in.

“My family and friends were texting me to tell me I was famous. I couldn’t believe all the attention this video got me. “

Since then, he has never looked back with the growing popularity of his TikTok account.

“I was at Primark last December and had to be escorted because too many people were crowding around to take a picture,” says Ehiz. His growing profile was spotted by influencer agency TikTok Yoke Network.

In March, he was invited to do a Big Brother-style show for YouTube with four other TikTok stars at a Surrey mansion.

Ehiz said: “It was an amazing experience to have a swimming pool and a movie theater to enjoy it. And while I didn’t make any money from the show, it really raised my profile. I am recognized all the time in the street. “

Megan McKenna from The Only Way is Essex
Megan McKenna contacted the star

Her videos have even been reposted on Instagram by some of the Love Island cast. “Megan McKenna from The Only Way Is Essex contacted me,” he says. “But the person that struck me the most was top model Adut Akech.”

Now the drama student has his own dreams of fame. He says, “I always thought it would be impossible to be a Hollywood actor, but in recent years a lot of actors from outside privileged backgrounds have been successful.”

For now, he’s just making £ 3,000 a month from the TikTok Creators Fund which helps users earn videos and referrals.

Ehiz says, “The earnings are great, but I don’t know how long it’s going to last. I am still not able to buy a property.

“One day I wish I could buy a house for my family. Miracles happen. “

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