Holiday rental for Barton Bendish among latest plans submitted to councils

Here is the list of the latest lists of planning applications before the local councils…


Barton Bendish: 22/01775/F, Dairy Farm, Boughton Long Road, creation of holiday accommodation on the first floor of an existing single storey house section within the existing roof, with an annex downstairs roadway extended into an existing garage.

2/01762/F, Hill Farm, Boughton Long Road, extension to existing farm building, rainwater harvesting tank and extended concrete apron around tank and extension including access roads for vehicles in the building; include landscaping features such as grassed areas and tree planting to enhance the appearance of the site and provide screen;

Boughton: 22/01753/F, 1 Wretton Road, installation of exterior cladding of laundry room and bathroom and construction of porch and other exterior work.

Brancaster: 22/01606/F, Birch Trees, Broad Lane, replacement dwelling, garage and outdoor dining area following demolition of existing structures;

22/01883/LDP, Suli-Suli, Main Road, Brancaster Staithe, construction of wooden and double glazed conservatory to rear of existing property;

22/01764/F, Beach House, 6 Town Farm Close, single storey rear extension to dwelling and single storey extension to garage;

22/01902/F, 4 Harbor View Terrace, Brancaster Staithe, replacement outhouse;

22/01912/F, 12 Sawyers Yard, attic conversion and installation of new rear dormer, new gable windows on new upper floor;

22/01916/F, 4 Old Roman Walk, bungalow extension and modifications.

Castle Acre: 22/01777/F, Heritage View, Castle Square, Bailey Street, one storey extension to create garden room.

Clenchwarton: 22/01797/W, 204 Main Road, demolition of existing single storey house and replacement with new residential development.

East Rudham: 22/01816/F, Nor-Ray House, The Green, two storey rear extension, garage roof removed to create open courtyard, window modifications to front of house.

Emneth: 22/01879/O, Towler Coaches, 24 Church Road, residential development project with all questions reserved.

Feltwell: 22/01798/F, 24 Long Lane, amendment to condition 2 of planning permission 20/00601/F: construction of a dwelling.

Grimston: 22/01746/F, Boughmore Farm, Fen Lane, one storey side and rear extension;

22/01766/F, 17 Low Road, one-story extension to rear of two-story dwelling;

22/01794/F, Elder Farm, Elder Lane, retrospective request for stable.

Heacham: 22/01810/F, 71 College Drive, verandah demolition. Single storey rear extension;

22/01878/PACU3, Grain Store, 70 South Beach Road, Notice of Pre-Approval for Change of Use from Farm Building to Small Hotel.

Hunstanton: 22/01804/F, Waterside Bar, Beach Terrace Road, roof terrace proposal.

Lynn: 22/01495/F, Tesco, Campbells Meadow, installation of new sprinkler tank and pump room with armco barrier enclosure;

22/01862/F, St John’s Vicarage, Blackfriars Road, night shelter extension and modifications;

22/01880/F, Anmer Terrace, London Road, replacement of frontage windows facing London Road;

22/01808/F and 22/01809/LB, 25 Queen Street, internal modifications and installation of three skylights;

22/01914/F, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gayton Road, The Inspire Center demolition project: proposed construction of a single storey children’s day care center for hospital staff and construction of a single storey hospital vaccination center (use class C2), with infrastructure and landscaping.

Marham: 22/01799/F, 5 The Street, two storey extension to rear of existing house.

North Creake: 22/01776/F, Hilltop, 65 Burnham Road, installation of exterior insulation and two conservation style skylights.

North Wootton: 22/01903/F, 23 Little Carr Road, new entrance porch.

Northwold: 22/01811/F, Springfields, Thetford Road, cart lodge:

22/01823/F, Crisps Yard, Common Drove, agricultural storage building.

Old Hunstanton: 22/01744/F, The White Cottage, 19 Wodehouse Road, demolition of existing dwelling and construction of replacement dwellings.

Outwell: 22/01792/F, Scotts Field Barn, 47 Hall Road, two-storey, one-storey extension with detached double garage;

22/01824/F, 33, avenue Beaupré, extension of one floor at the back of the existing bungalow and modifications, including raising the existing flat roof.

Ryston: 22/01752/FM, Downham Country Garden Centre, Stonecross Road, Bexwell, extension of garden center to create store room/new frontage/entrance and exit halls, creation of lagoon for additional drainage of water from surface and extension of the existing gravel car park.

Shouldham: 22/01757/F and 22/01758/LB, Alexandra Cottage, 21 Westgate Street, construction of a one storey rear addition, following removal of the existing rear porch and alterations to the existing cottage.

South Creake: 22/01790/F, Sutton House, 33 Back Street, natural pool creation.

South Wootton: 22/01778/F, 5 Castleacre Close, rear extension.

Stoke Ferry: 22/01740/F, Saddlers Cottage, 5 Oxborough Road, one storey rear extension, replacement of existing garage flat roof and replacement of front porch.

Stow Bardolph: 22/01702/RM, 20 Hootens Row, Barroway Drove, one dwelling.

Terrington St Clement: 22/01881/PACU3, ruin/barn and land northeast of the old Four Winds and Marlian and west of 112A Jankins Lane, notification for pre-approval: proposed farm barn conversion into a single-family dwelling.

Thornham: 22/01791/F, Dundrum Cottage, High Street, first floor side extension.

Tilney St Lawrence: 22/00815/F, 2 Islington Hall Cottages, Islington Green, removal of condition 6 of planning permission 14/00968/F: construction of a new stable and outdoor arena and improvement of the existing pavement.

Upwell: 22/01743/F, Orchard View, 7 Baptist Road, boundary wall proposed retrospectively.

Walpole: 22/01693/F, White House Lodge, French’s Road, Walpole St Andrew, single storey rear extension;

22/01722/F, Walnut Tree Farm, Walnut Road, Walpole St Peter, demolition of the existing stable and construction of a dwelling and garage.

Walpole Cross Keys: 22/01841/F, Westholme Nursery, 65 Station Road, demolition of existing polytunnels and proposed extension of existing building together with proposed concreting.

Watlington: 22/01800/F, Joydene, 117 Downham Road, front porch, roof modifications including new front and rear dormer windows and front driveway modifications.

West Acre: 22/01782/F, Rosemary Barn, Home Farm, Tumbleyhill Road,

dependence allowing to arrange a workshop and an office space.

Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen: 22/01892/F, Plot 4, land south of 85 Stow Road, variation of condition 1 of planning permission 19/01124/RM: Reserved request: construction of nine dwellings.


North Pickenham: 3PL/2022/1201/F, land off Houghton Lane, construction of four dwellings and garages and associated works (amended application);

3PL/2022/1184/F, Nelson House, Houghton Lane, change of use from public house (Sui Generis) to detached dwelling house (C3).


Sculthorpe: PF/22/2368, Willow Barn, 1 The Grange, Lynn Road, domestic outbuilding (shed/summer house) at rear of dwelling.


Sutton Bridge: H18-1032-22, land between 37 and 39 Falklands Road, change of use of the land for incorporation into the residential perimeter – retrospective;

H18-1020-22, 24 Bridge Road, change of use of first floor premises to self-contained apartment – retrospective.

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