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During the Direct at the end of September, Nintendo announced the Change the plugin package online, which is an extension that offers to add some games from the library of Nintendo 64 me Mega Drive SEGA to the service catalog, which already includes NES and SNES.

And it is another Direct, the one which today is dedicated to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the opportunity to reveal the prices of the service and even something else. Nintendo Switch Online 12-month individual membership + Additional Pack will cost 39.99 euros, while the familiar (valid up to a maximum of 8 Nintendo Accounts) will cost 69.99 euros. The release date is Tuesday October 26.

In addition to the previously announced Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive titles, this “premium version” of the subscription will also include the Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise expansion – a true paid DLC, accompanying the free update 2.00. Both novelties are loaded with new content: we see them in detail below, in the dedicated section of the article.

Closing the Switch Online talk, it can be assumed that Nintendo in the future chooses to tie other DLCs to this type of subscription, to some extent. Or not: in all cases the content to which you have access is linked to the presence of an active subscription, and this implies that once it has expired it will no longer be possible to play with the Happy Home Paradise DLC. However, fear not: your saved data will be kept so once your subscription is reactivated, you can pick up where you left off.

Bartolo and La Piccionaia are back. We knew it would happen, but seeing them again in polygons and textures in the section of the trailer devoted to theAnimal Crossing: New Horizons 2.00 Free Update, arriving in November 5, is something that warms the heart. However, in addition to the renewed possibility of having a good coffee on the upper floor of the Museum, there is more.

Fiorilio Island, thanks to our help, you can indeed become a square full of life, populated with shops and familiar faces from the saga. Then comes the possibility of visit the mysterious islands with Remo (which will prove to us as always your ability to sing), do group stretches in the square, grow and cook new varieties of vegetables and vegetables, as well as a series of novelties and customizations. It will also be possible to give a new authoritarian hold over people’s lives. when issuing ordinances that will affect the lives of residents: Dpcm simulator. It’s quite ironic if you consider that the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, unprecedented for the saga, is attributable to the outbreak of the pandemic and the shutdown.

And then there is the Happy Home Paradise Paid DLC, which, as the title suggests, takes up the mechanics of the Happy Home Designer spin-off released in 2015 on 3DS. In essence, it will be a game within a game. Everything takes place in an archipelago with islands with different characteristics (there are deserts, deciduous trees, jellies …): the player’s objective is help the different inhabitants to build and furnish the holiday home of their dreams.

As mentioned, Happy Home Paradise will be playable with an active subscription to the Switch Online add-on pack, but it will also be possible to purchase it permanently and separately from November 5 through 24.99 euros. Here are more details Nintendo provided on the content of the DLC.

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