Haitian Police say that the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse was planned during a meeting in a hotel in the Dominican Republic


The Haitian Police Chief Léon Charles indicated this Wednesday during a press conference that the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse was planned during a meeting in a hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to pick up EFE.

Charles showed a photo of the meeting in question and said six people attended the meeting, including the main alleged perpetrator of the assassination, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a U.S.-based doctor who investigators said aspired to replace Moïse as President of Haiti.

In the picture are also present Antonio Emmanuel Intriago Valera —The Venezuelan director of Miami-based security firm CTU Security, which allegedly hired the Colombian mercenaries who carried out the assassination; and Walter Veintemilla, the boss of a consulting firm suspected of financing the operation.

Likewise, a well-known Haitian politician, former senator Jean Joël Joseph, who is now wanted by the Police, as well as the Mayor of Jacmel, Marky Kessa, Yes Jacques Solages, arrested with the Colombian mercenaries and suspected of being linked to CTU security.

Jovenel Moïse was assassinated last Wednesday at the hands of a group of armed individuals who attacked his private residence in the Pelerin district of Port-au-Prince.

So far, Haitian authorities have arrested 23 people, including 18 former Colombian soldiers and five Haitian-Americans. In addition, precautionary measures were applied against 24 agents and heads of presidential security units.

On Monday, the US Department of Justice said that at the request of the Government of Haiti, it is attending the investigation into the assassination of President Moïse.

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