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“The World’s Greatest Vacation Rentals” shows the world what they are missing, like those yachts worth renting in the Bahamas.

The only thing better than visiting the Bahamas is to be on the water around these Caribbean islands. Cruising is great, but that means sharing an entire ship with thousands of passengers, and it’s not always ideal for those looking for a private, quiet vacation. A day trip from an island in the Bahamas is also possible, but the return at the end of the day does not give anyone time to get their feet wet. So what is the solution ?

If readers watched the hit Netflix show The most amazing vacation rentals in the world, then it is likely that they have already found the answer: a private yacht charter. It’s expensive, luxurious, indulgent, and absolutely perfect for that one-of-a-kind vacation. You do not know where to start ? Here are the top three options, along with the reasons why it’s worth spending the money on a private yacht charter.

* Photos of example activities, not actual yachts.

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Why should you spend money to rent a private yacht?

As with anything that involves a large amount of money, there are pros and cons. However, when it comes to chartering a private yacht in the Bahamas, the pros far outweigh the cons. Customers pay for an experience, not just for a place to sleep, but they also pay for transportation. Therefore, these are three aspects of the journey, all brought together in one; considering this, the price is quite justified. Some yachts even provide a personal chef to prepare all meals, and a captain, of course, is always there to wield the metaphorical wheel of the boat.

So what are the downsides? Seasickness, for example, if the water is rough. Plus, the weather can be unpredictable – so if guests charter a yacht during monsoon or hurricane season, plans could be canceled or worse, a yacht could be stuck in the middle of a storm. However, it’s rare for short-term yacht rentals to stray too far from the islands (besides, why would anyone want that?). Other than that, there’s not much that customers shouldn’t look forward to.

Lady of the Orient

Lady of the Orient measures a total length of 65 feet, which means it’s roomy enough for six people with plenty of room to stretch out. With everything included, this yacht charter is well worth it. Upon boarding, guests will find three guest bedrooms, four en-suite bathrooms with an additional powder room, wood-paneled living room, open kitchen with granite and stainless steel details, air conditioning throughout, deck fully equipped with a lounge on the upper deck with lounge chairs, versatile cockpit and swim platform. You can go scuba diving, snorkelling and even deep sea fishing.

Yacht details

  • Rental cost: $ 3,000 / night
  • Guests: 6 people max
  • Included: The whole boat plus the equipment on board, the captain and crew, food and fuel

Lucky dog

When it comes to luxury, the 80-foot Lucky dog yacht spares no expense. Everything on and in this boat is built for decadence and it delivers on every level. Moored just off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas, she is ready to set sail and deliver a true island experience. Enjoy the day on a number of floating or sea-worthy activities, try your hand at fishing, explore the reefs by snorkeling, and return for a full gourmet meal with only the finest ingredients.

Yacht details

  • Rental cost: $ 1,000 / hour (four hours minimum), $ 5,000 / day (eight hours maximum), $ 6,000 / night (two nights minimum), $ 20,000 / full week (43% discount) + 30% APA for fuel, food and additional expenses with unused portion returned at the end of the trip
  • Guests: 12 people, max
  • Included: Fully air conditioned, satellite TV and telephone, flat screen TVs with surround sound, bluetooth sound system throughout the yacht, gourmet kitchen with ice machines, shaded flybridge with wet bar, barbecue, bar with stools, seating area, seating area meals, a four-seater Seawind floatplane, beach and float toys, two paddleboards, two kayaks, a double kayak, two surfboards, a floating island, a floating trampoline, floating lounge chairs, underwater lights for the night, steam chairs on the bow, umbrellas, cool gentlemen.


For anyone who wants to be intimately involved in the navigation of a yacht, Harmony is the way to go! Guests of four can help the captain set sail and have an authentic yacht experience, as well as the exciting process of being a part of the deck crew on this catamaran. Built in 2018 with a length of 48 feet, this yacht is equipped with all the modern amenities one could need on the Bahamian coast. The owners and crew of this yacht are ready to customize a sailing itinerary for guests, further personalizing the charter experience.

Yacht details

  • Rental cost: $ 1,200 / day (three days minimum), $ 7,000 / week with a 17% discount
  • Guests: 6 people max
  • Included: Two VIP bedrooms, a luxury master suite, sea view bedroom, private bathrooms, large flybridge with sunbathing area, kitchen, fore-deck lounge, saloon, reception area with terrace, spacious lounge

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