Edinburgh’s football world and bowling alley are about to be razed to make way for more student accommodation at the Corn Exchange – your opinions online


The Hanlon Stevenson Foundation donated defibrillators to four local youth clubs: Hutchison Vale, Leith Athletic, Salvesen and Street Soccer Scotland. Hibernian duo Lewis Stevenson and Paul Hanlon were at the World of Football in Edinburgh to make the presentation. Photo by Alan Rennie

Edinburgh’s football world and bowling alley should be razed to make way for more student accommodation at the Corn Exchange

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This is absolutely ridiculous! The football world, the bowling world and the portal mini golf are all popular family facilities that the people of Edinburgh use frequently and need more! A quick Google search shows that there are around 25,000 students in Edinburgh and 20,000 student beds with around 5,000 currently under construction. It seems outrageous that they are getting rid of these beloved facilities to build more student accommodation that we don’t need, especially in an age when a lot of courses are moving online!

If there was a viable alternative for people nearby to use instead, then OK, but there isn’t. How many people use the facilities on a weekly basis providing social and health benefits? How many children will miss winter football because they will not be able to train indoors? Everything for more student accommodation! I don’t see how there is a need for more, and even if there is, it can surely be built elsewhere and keep the recreational facilities that are clearly popular and loved by so many people.

You know there isn’t much for kids or even adults in the area. They continue to keep kids / adults fit etc, what could be better than running while playing soccer? As for more student accommodation, why not for families who really need suitable accommodation for their families. Families these days shouldn’t have to share rooms (8-year-old girls and 12-year-old boys), they need privacy. Then we have roaming. When Covid was rampant, we didn’t have homeless people on the streets, but yet when things open up to almost full capacity, hey ho. They are put in terrible situations. What is happening with our country? We seem to bow to it. We must be strong and fight together against all these problems.

The priority should surely go to the people who live in Edinburgh. Accommodation for people on the waiting list or leisure facilities.

It’s crazy! Edinburgh needs amenities and entertainment for young adults and older children – exactly what these facilities offer (or they end up drinking in the parks or worse). We don’t need more student apartments serving cash cow universities! Let’s not joke that universities are real educational institutions, they are for-profit companies selling degrees.

Is anyone really happy with this announcement? Can’t believe they want people to exercise etc, but they are getting rid of one of the few central places for five-a-side play whether you are a kid or an adult. Total joke putting the students in there on the needs of the public!

It’s ridiculous. How much more student accommodation do we really need? This is just another money-making program to tap into the summer tourist crowd, as apartments will be rented out at significantly inflated prices during the summer. My friends and I play it every week and most of us are in our forties, fifties and even sixties. If this place is closed we will have nowhere to go and most of us will probably never kick a ball again. At a time when the Scottish Government and the CEC should do everything possible to make people active, this should not be allowed. But as usual the CEC sees the pound signs.

What? It’s crazy. So let’s get rid of the facilities for children and replace them with more unnecessary student accommodation!

Here is an idea. Why not use a space outside the city limits towards Livingston Way, build a city full of students, then set up a bus company to take them in and out of the city? Everyone wins.

Why? Family leisure is certainly important. There is more than enough student accommodation.

Why would developers consult with the public? The board does not. As long as the developers set up loads of bicycle parking lots, the planter here and there will have passed without a problem. The council can then close another care home and use the money to build a huge cycle path in the development.

They have building land but no schools, shops, doctors’ offices or hospitals. Everywhere there is overcrowding – try to spend money on new roads, they are full of potholes.

Not great that the Green Party adviser’s main concern is that the new construction is carbon neutral – it would certainly be carbon neutral if that didn’t happen at all?

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