Do you want to travel? These are the best travel shows on Netflix

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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people feel pushed back to their homes. When you haven’t been able to visit cool new places for a long period of time, it’s natural to have a wanderlust! Some of these incredibly entertaining travel-themed shows on Netflix might just satisfy your wanderlust. Here are some of Netflix’s best options for travel TV shows.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father

Shows on Netflix don’t make it past the first or second season if they’re not really good. That’s how you know Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father is a success, since it lasts for five seasons. The show is about a comedian who teams up with his dad to travel to different places. He is a free-spirited, fun-loving and carefree young man, while his father is rather cynical. The way they manage their travels around the world is absolutely hilarious. When Whitehall is ready to drink and party, her dad is ready to call it a night.

The World’s Most Incredible Vacation Rentals

If you are curious to discover some of the most beautiful vacation rentals in the world, The World’s Most Incredible Vacation Rentals on Netflix is ​​definitely the show for you. Whatever your budget, you will be able to find beautiful vacation rentals that could perfectly suit you, your needs and your hopes. Three travelers take their time visiting vacation rentals around the world to share their expert insight on which ones are worth your time and money.

Down to earth with Zac Efron

Although many people know, love and recognize Zac Efron from his time in the musical high school movie franchise on the Disney Channel, but he’s gone way beyond that and is doing some really cool stuff on Netflix. His original Netflix show Down to earth with Zac Efron shows him enjoying food, drink, and memorable experiences in different beautiful locations around the world. Becoming one with nature seems to be something that totally intrigues her these days.

The most extraordinary houses in the world

just like The world’s most incredible vacation rentals, the world’s most extraordinary homes maintains a similar premise. The documentary-style show premiered in 2017 and follows Piers Taylor with Caroline Quentin as they experience tours of the world’s most luxurious and magnificent homes. Taylor is an award-winning architect and Quentin is both an actress and a real estate enthusiast. They play each other’s energy well in this show. Many homes featured on this show are worth tens of millions of dollars!

dark tourist

It’s fun being a tourist, but it makes a difference depending on where you choose to visit during your trip! In dark tourist, a journalist by the name of David Farrier sheds light on a popular form of travel known as dark tourism. Instead of visiting popular sites and attractions known for happy or exciting things, he visits historical places strongly associated with tragedy and death. This show is definitely not for everyone…especially people who aren’t fans of haunted houses. If you’re comfortable scaring yourself on occasion, this show is absolutely perfect for you.

72 dangerous places to live

Another cool travel show to check out on Netflix is ​​called 72 dangerous places to live. Its one and only season premiered in 2016, depicting some of the scariest and most haunting places on planet Earth. These dark and spooky places are the last destinations you want to visit when it comes time to figure out where you want to live permanently. These 72 places are far too dangerous to try to raise your family! Even though these destinations aren’t safe enough to reside in, it’s fascinating to see what they look like thanks to this amazing Netflix TV show.

Tales by light

The three seasons of Tales by light are filled with beautiful sights and images that you just don’t want to miss. Luckily for Netflix subscribers, this show is now fully available to stream. It gives viewers a look behind the scenes with stunning photography captured by some of the most talented Australian and North American photographers in existence today. You will be able to take note of how these photographers were able to capture some of their undeniably beautiful photographs.

Paul Hollywood’s Great Continental Road Trip

In 2017, Paul Hollywood’s Great Continental Road Trip created as a documentary series. In each episode of the show, viewers can watch Hollywood enjoy a road trip through Europe. Throughout his journey, he visits countless countries that are extremely proud of their automotive history. Hollywood’s knowledge of automobiles and his driving skills come in handy when expediting him on the road. In addition to visiting beautiful European sites, he also learns about vehicle manufacturing.

two together

One of the most interesting things about two together is the fact that it focuses on two men who manage to become friends despite having a language barrier. They speak two separate languages, but they still travel together to multiple destinations at the suggestion of their devoted fans. When their fans encourage them to take trips to specific places, they put their language differences aside to enjoy the art of living a travel lifestyle together. Their reactions to wonderful travel experiences are all filmed.

Instant hotel

Instant hotel is easily one of the best binge-watching reality TV shows on Netflix because it’s so beyond entertaining. Watching regular couples, families, and singles turn their homes into “instant hotels” for other people to stay in is half the fun. This show allows viewers to peek into some of Australia’s finest instant hotels in existence today. If you want to rent one of these hotels for the weekend, many of them are available at affordable prices. Julia Ashworth and Luke Jacobz voice their brutal opinions on which instant hotel owners do best…and which ones miss the mark.

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