Do you have a wanted ex-Valentine? Michigan police package offers platinum bracelets and ‘lodgings’

BATH TOWNSHIP, MI — Michigan’s funniest police department is back, offering a special Valentine’s Day deal that might be too good to pass up.

The Bath Township Police Department, known statewide for its playful antics, is offering ex-Valentines with outstanding warrants a Valentine’s Day Package for a limited time only.

It includes a set of limited-edition platinum bracelets, complimentary chauffeured transportation, a minimum one-night stay in luxurious accommodations, and professional glamor photos that will be posted online for everyone to enjoy. The offer is crowned with a special Valentine’s Day dinner.

Anyone with an ex-Valentine is urged to call the police and order the package for their viewing pleasure.

“February kicked off the month to celebrate the love in your life, and we don’t want you to forget those exes who hurt you either,” the Facebook post read. “Do you have an ex-Valentine and do you know that they have outstanding warrants?”

“Do you have any information that they are driving with illegal weapons in their car? Call us with their location and we’ll take care of the rest. We know this special is so amazing you might be tempted to provide additional referrals.

Police departments across the country are also participating in the Valentine’s Day special. Bath Township operators are ready at 517-641-6271.


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