Closing of acquisition of cryptocurrency exchange VAYK planned

Dallas, Texas, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vaycaychella, Inc. (OTC Pink: VAYK) today confirmed that the company has planned to complete the acquisition of Definancial, Inc., a technology company that has developed a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange technology solution, today, Friday, March 11, 2022.

“The terms are settled and all that remains is to complete the review of the closing documents and execute them,” said Bill Justice, CEO of VAYK. “Look for a quick announcement once the documents are executed.”

VAYK has already launched a Award-winning alternative Peer-To-Peer (P2P) financing application for individuals and SME operators to find financing for the purchase of short-term vacation rental properties.

VAYK is a start-up company developing a portfolio of technology solutions to further democratize participation in the tourism market, providing more opportunities for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

VAYK plans to release a new version of the P2P alternative finance app soon and integrate the new version with the ability for individuals and SME operators to launch and list cryptocurrencies where proceeds from crypto sales -currency is used to finance the purchase of a short-term vacation rental. properties and fund other short-term vacation rental business start-up expenses. Cryptocurrency holders will have a repayable economic interest in the short-term vacation rental industry.

The acquisition of Definancial, Inc. is specifically intended to support VAYK’s cryptocurrency strategy with the addition of a cryptocurrency exchange where short-term vacation rental business cryptocurrencies can be listed .

VAYK is developing and expanding its portfolio of technology solutions to further democratize participation in the tourism industry based on its hands-on experience with an initial and ongoing pilot project consisting of ten beach houses and a small boutique hotel in Cuba where VAYK provided financing for small businesses to acquire and renovate real estate.

The company recently deployed a team to Cuba for a three-week trip focused on securing the next ten beach properties it will renovate and launch as short-term vacation rental properties. These next ten properties will be listed on VAYK’s P2P alternative finance app version 2.0 and participation in the short-term vacation rental business operating the ten properties will be offered through the introduction of a crypto- change.

The main purpose of the ten property expansion is to demonstrate VAYK’s P2P Alt Finance APP V 2.0 and Cryptocurrency technology.

VAYK recently published a comprehensive study Presentation of the 2022 strategic overview with more details on how the ten-property expansion and cryptocurrency acquisition fits into the company’s overall strategy.

VAYK also confirms today that it continues to work with Alternet System’s Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) to develop the opportunity to expand ALYI’s initiative to establish a Formula E race in Nairobi to include the possibility of brining a Formula E race in Havana. ALYI and VAYK plan to release a joint update soon with Waterpure International, Inc. (OTC Pink: WPUR) also working with ALYI on the Formula E racing program.

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