Class action: United Airlines sued in Texas court


This week, six United Airlines employees filed a federal complaint in Texas alleging that airlines discriminate against employees seeking religious or medical exemption from the company’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

The class action sought a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction.

“United’s actions have left complainants with the impossible choice of taking the COVID-19 vaccine, to the detriment of their religious beliefs and health, or of losing their livelihood. In doing so, United violated Title VII and the ADA by failing to engage in the interactive process and providing reasonable accommodations, and also by retaliating against employees who engaged in protected activities. “, Supports the trial.

Two of the complainants are captains whose request for religious exemption was refused. At least one of them also wanted a medical waiver but the online waiver request system only allowed one or the other. The same goes with a jet mechanic, who wanted to declare the two exemptions.

“Because United said it is no longer accepting requests through its online accommodation request system on August 31, 2021, which is the only formal mechanism United offers its employees to submit a request for accommodation,” Mr. Castillo took the unilateral decision to request these accommodations. by his hierarchical superior. A representative of United Human Resources has now informed Mr. Castillo through his supervisor that the request for religious accommodation was not timely, but that Mr. Castillo can submit his medical request. Mr. Castillo’s request for religious accommodation was therefore administratively refused, ”indicates the trial.

A representative for the station’s operations with United asked for a religious accommodation of United’s vaccine tenure, to which United responded by offering only an indefinite period of unpaid leave as “reasonable accommodation.”

Under United’s rules, employees must receive their first dose of the vaccine by September 27 or face layoff.

The lawsuit also notes that United no longer requires a thorough cleaning of its planes after every flight, as it did at the start of the pandemic, instead requiring employees to undergo a medical procedure – a shot – in order to try to ensure a secure environment.

United flies to and from Anchorage and places like Chicago, Denver, San Antonio, Houston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and many other major air hubs.

The lawcostume can be seen at this link.

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