Can you accommodate a military family in Coronado? | Opinion

I am renting my first Coronado home to military families here by order. For the first time, I posted my rental on a Coronado rental Facebook quote. I had to close the listing after only a few hours as I was overwhelmed with applications. I had no idea how desperate our active duty and other families are to find housing this summer. I had applications from an active duty spouse stationed in Coronado and a nursing spouse at Rady Children’s Hospital, an active duty spouse and teacher in Coronado, and an active-duty spouse and a nurse employed at Coronado Hospital, to name a few. I have also received requests from a Coronado business owner and his family, and a Coronado City employee and son, who were each forced out of their current tenancy because the owner wanted relocate.

If you have a home that you are renting out as a vacation rental, please consider turning it into a one-year rental. The fabric of our community is changing. Short-term rentals do not send children to our public schools. Military families do. All the candidates had children. My former military tenants took better care of my house than I did. They fix things themselves. I manage my only property myself, so I don’t pay a property manager. You can also save the fees so you can keep more of your rent over the long term. According to the City of Coronado Housing Element adopted in 2021, of the vacant rental units in Coronado, 74.6% were seasonal, recreational, or occasional-use rentals. If just a handful of these 1,857 short-term vacancies were rented for a year or more, it could be life changing for a military family.

If you would like me to connect you with one of the amazing families serving our county who asked me to house hunt in Coronado, email me at [email protected] or call 619-435 -8177. You will be helping a young Navy family and our local schools. Thank you.

FLIGHT. 112, NO. May 18 – 4, 2022

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