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ONE of Warrnambool’s largest hosting operators has said its businesses could lose up to $ 350,000 in costs and revenue losses due to the foreclosure. Gene Seabrook, co-owner of the Deep Blue Hotel and Hot Springs and Warrnambool Mid City Motel with his wife Rebecca, said 500 nights of accommodation were canceled following the five-day lockdown. “It flattens you,” he said. “You can’t think of it or process it.” Mr Seabrook found that a silver lining during the school vacation had gone without restrictions, but now he was concerned about the effect on reducing hours and shifts for the 115 employees. He said the company had up to $ 130,000 in unavoidable expenses and would lose revenue due to room and reception cancellations and its non-functioning commercial laundry, restaurant and hot spring facilities. “It’s not sustainable,” Seabrook said. “We are going to dip into the overdraft, you don’t have time to go and apply for a loan.” The state government has announced that it will automatically disburse its $ 3,000 licensed site hospitality fund and $ 2,000 trade cost assistance program to merchants who received it earlier this year. year before the end of the five-day lockdown. Mr Seabrook was among 86,000 businesses in the state to receive payment earlier in the year, but said it was not enough. “It’s less than one percent of our lost expenses and income,” he said. “It may be good for a small business, but for a business with more revenue, it’s not proportional.” Have you signed up for The Standard’s daily newsletter and the latest email news? You can sign up below and make sure you’re up to date with everything happening in the Southwest.


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