Best Destinations for Houseboat Vacations in America

Summer is here and it’s the best time for a houseboat vacation. Many spectacular places in America make it possible to complete the circle of aquatic panoramas by renting a houseboat. On a houseboat vacation, you can live on the water and still be able to dock when and where you want. We know that a houseboat might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a typical vacation rental, but it can offer the best of both worlds with watersports and shore-based activities at all times. moment.

Plus, you can rent houseboats for far less than land-based homes in popular vacation destinations like Florida, California, and Minnesota. Although equipped with many amenities on board, each houseboat rental can accommodate a certain number of people, you may want to check this before planning a big party vacation. To help you choose the perfect summer houseboat vacation destination, we’ve compiled a list of America’s best for the ultimate summer adventure.

Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

If you want to witness the magic of the Northern Lights or Northern Lights, head to Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota and rent a houseboat. The destination is blessed with outstanding natural beauty. You can enjoy crystal clear waters, towering pine forests and a great vacation. Located near the Canadian border and adjacent waters, the park spans five natural lakes, with no roads crossing it. You can spend time fishing, searching for wild berries, and swimming in sparkling waters.

Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania

Simply put, Raystown Lake in central Pennsylvania is one of America’s best kept secrets. A reservoir in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, the 8,000-acre Lake Raytown is the largest in the state. It has many beaches, hiking trails, marina concessions and public access areas to explore. As the land around the lake is largely undeveloped, you can dock anywhere on 80 miles of secluded shoreline each evening with luxury houseboats offering the comforts of vacation rentals.

Table Rock Lake, Missouri

A man-made lake in the Ozarks of southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas in the United States, Table Rock Lake is an awesome place to explore with a houseboat rental. You can indulge in the restaurants and bars dotting the waterfront pitches between swims in the lake, or discover the more secluded parts of the reservoir. There are many houseboat rentals to suit different vacation needs.

Everglades National Park, Florida

A 1.5 million acre wetland reserve in Florida, Everglades National Park is a nature lover’s paradise and a houseboat rental is the perfect way to explore it. Home to coastal mangroves, sawgrass swamps and flat pine woodlands with hundreds of wildlife, the destination offers the ultimate summer adventure. Renting a houseboat from Flamingo Adventures will allow you to venture deeper into the vast wilderness of the park than its trails.

Lake Sutton, West Virginia

A 1,520-acre reservoir on West Virginia’s Elk River, Sutton Lake has 40 miles of shoreline to explore and clear waters to swim in, with forested hills in the background. There are hundreds of bays to dock for a night under the starry sky. You may spot white-tailed deer, turkeys, and ruffed grouse on your houseboat trip on the lake. There are three 59-foot luxury houseboat rentals at Sutton Lake Marine, each equipped with an upper deck with a waterslide, gas grill, and four queen-size beds.

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