Azimut tokenizes its loan portfolio with Sygnum Bank


Azimut Group, one of the leading independent asset managers in Europe, has partnered with Sygnum Bank to symbolize its first portfolio of loans to Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This 5 million euro portfolio will be followed by other larger portfolios, with tokens issued through Desygnate, Sygnum’s main market issuance platform.

This provides a concrete example of how tokenization can help close the US $ 5,000 billion funding gap by providing businesses with an alternative way to raise capital.

Sygnum is currently building a strong portfolio of asset tokens in the venture capital, mid cap, real estate and art and collectibles verticals to create unique investment opportunities for investors. .

Real-world example of how tokenization can help close the $ 5 trillion mid-cap funding gap

Azimut was part of the first cohort of issuers announced at the launch of Sygnum’s bank-grade tokenization solution, Desygnate. In a first phase, Azimut symbolizes a portfolio of 5 million euros of loans to Italian SMEs which will be offered to its private clients and to other Azimut funds for greater portfolio diversification. This will be followed by other larger portfolios.

Obtaining financing is a common challenge for mid-cap companies; traditional financial markets have high costs and extensive rating requirements, while bank loan approvals require rigorous credit assessment. This resulted in a USD 5[1] trillions of dollars in funding gap, and Azimut provides a real-world example of how tokenization can begin to address this problem by providing businesses with an alternative way to raise capital.

“Access to financing is a constraint to the growth of mid-cap companies, and it is a priority for the Synthetic Bank of Azimut (Banca Sintetica)[2] project, which aims to provide 1.2 billion euros of financing to Italian SMEs over the next four years, ”says Giorgio Medda, co-CEO of the Azimut group. “Our partnership with Sygnum in the area of ​​tokenization will allow us to leverage the power of distributed ledger (DLT) technology to increase the efficiency and transparency of synthetic banking,” he adds.

Sygnum’s portfolio of unique investment opportunities continues to grow

Sygnum has continued to welcome new issuers since the launch of its regulated end-to-end tokenization solution in November 2020. The bank continues to create new investment opportunities in its four investment verticals: Venture Capital, Mid Cap , Real Estate and Art & Collectibles, including the Azimut token, allowing investors to take advantage of asset classes previously considered difficult to access in a direct and fractional fashion.

In February of this year, Sygnum and Fine Wine Capital, a Swiss-based fine wine investment company, symbolized a portfolio of investable premium wines that was fully subscribed within four days. This was Sygnum’s first asset token offering in the Art & Collectibles investment sector and under the new Swiss DLT law.

Mathias Imbach, Co-Founder and CEO of Sygnum Bank Group, says: “There is a strong appetite for the investment opportunities that tokenization opens up to investors, which will support the construction of more holistic, diversified and market-ready investment portfolios. ‘to come up. We are proud to work with Azimut, one of the first innovators in this space.

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