As restrictions begin to lift, summer travel becomes more possible


Travel Industry Employees Discuss Greater Summer Travel Opportunity

In anticipation of widespread vaccine eligibility and the lifting of most COVID-19 restrictions on June 15, more people in the United States plan to travel this year.

Samantha Mott, the public information specialist for the Sacramento County Airports Department, said Sacramento International Airport has noted an increase in passenger numbers in recent months.

The airport now registers significantly more passengers – around 11,000 people a day – which is more than the airport has seen since the lockdown in March which limited travel across the country. Around the same time last year, Mott said, the airport faced a 95% drop in passenger numbers.

While it is not known whether this increase will be sustained, Mott said she was encouraged by the surge in vaccine distribution and the greater number of planes the airport recorded during the spring break for many universities.

“We hope we’ll see passenger numbers increase throughout the summer as families gain more access to vaccines and more places open up and relax travel restrictions, especially when you arrive. to certain destinations, ”Mott said.

Although the number of passengers has increased, Mott stressed that COVID-19 regulations will remain intact in order to ensure the safety of customers.

“As far as security protocols – for example, wearing masks or social distancing – I don’t know if these will change over the summer, and I think they will be in place for a while. time, ”Mott said.

With growing demand for travel, Mott also said the airport has been able to offer increased destinations for travelers, such as flights to Mexico City and Cancun.

“Not only will we see all of our non-stops as we’ve had a pre-pandemic return, but we’ve seen additional new routes begin for us,” Mott said.

While new destinations are being offered, Mott also said some destinations have been temporarily phased out, including non-stop flights within Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions.

As flights become more and more available, Mott said arrival requirements vary from destination to destination. As a result, she strongly encouraged travelers to conduct thorough research before finalizing travel arrangements in order to meet the safety expectations of their destination.

“Some states will have stricter rules than others. It will be very important for people to do really good research before booking flights and find out what the security and protocol requirements are for whatever destination they are heading to, ”said Mott.

Jade Lee, a Hyatt Place UC Davis gallery host, said the hotel has also seen an increasing number of travelers in recent months. At the start of the year, she noted that the hotel’s occupancy rate was minimal. However, the number of guests has steadily increased over time.

She said the increase in customer numbers could indicate summer travel will be more accessible and popular this year.

Already, this pattern has been seen across the country with market reports documenting increased demand for flights and rising hotel prices, especially compared to 2020.

With the change in COVID-19 restrictions, Lee mentioned that Hyatt Place UC Davis is slowly changing its security policies and amenities. Previously, open seating and open breakfast was prohibited due to regulations, but now the hotel is reopening those options.

“Right now, we are very safe against COVID-19,” Lee said. “We make sure to clean our lobby, our tables, our chairs, everything constantly throughout the day, just because we allow open seats, and we have an open breakfast.”

The hotel has also eliminated the daily housekeeping service for hotel rooms and instead made it available at the request of a guest.

Although there are slight changes in hotel policies, Lee does not anticipate any significant changes to their COVID-19 restrictions in the near future until the pandemic condition improves dramatically. . Lee also noted his uncertainty over whether guests will need to be vaccinated in the future. Despite changing restrictions, Lee remains optimistic about the possibility of summer travel.

“I think it will definitely increase by [here] just because COVID-19 is getting a bit better. At least that’s what it looks like, ”Lee said.

Written by: Farrah Ballou – [email protected]

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