Argo Group Lodges Plans for Fitzroy Student Tower


The building features a two-story podium with lighter colors as the tower rises to minimize “visual volume” and the transition to taller developments in the area.

“We have witnessed a recent expansion of the student accommodation market seeking high-end student accommodation rooms, with high-quality common spaces, which this proposal seeks to address.

“Through the efficient use of space, the proposal is able to offer high quality common spaces that will encourage residents to settle in these common spaces and create a sense of community within the development.”

The city of Melbourne recently revealed that nearly 40% of CBD residents are international students.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp has joined a chorus of people pushing for the return of international students to revive the city of Covid-19.

The Human Habitats report acknowledged that the heights of the buildings exceeded the planning overlays, but said they “anticipated that this section of Victoria Parade will experience significant changes in the years to come.”

Hassell’s design report said they had created a scalable student housing model beyond the traditional “rack and stack” boarding house model.

“The contemporary student demands a vibrant community of residents who not only share the living space in the building, but also share the convenience by connecting more broadly with the surrounding neighborhood,” the report states.

“The proposal presents an innovative and sustainable student housing model on the site, while responding to the specific site at the corner of the wide boulevard de Victoria Parade and the more intimate rue Napier. “

The student rooms have a bed, a bathrobe, an integrated desk, a kitchenette and a bathroom as well as a winter garden.

The nation’s largest university student housing provider, Scape, is moving forward with 17 new purpose-built student housing buildings, despite its portfolio of rooms at just 25 percent occupancy.

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