Anglo-Iranian entrepreneur Ali Parsa behind Prukljan’s huge investment


July 19, 2021 – Wildly successful Anglo-Iranian entrepreneur Ali Parsa is the face behind a huge Prukljan investment, which the Croatian government has, at its usual snail pace, finally given the green light.

As Poslovni Dnevnik / Marija Brnic writes, a year after the bid was submitted under the public tender of the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and State Property , and up to seven years after being included in the list of strategic projects, the Croatian government finally gave the green light to an offer from the only bidder who applied for the Prukljan project in Skradin. According to numerous announcements, the move should result in more than 300 million euros of investment.

The above-mentioned call for tenders relates to the sale and concession of land near Lake Prukljan and the company Dalmatia sport and health resort, based in Split, whose first founder in 2007 was the Dutch company Wittens Praktijk. The first left the business to a new owner a year ago, and The Dalmatian Resort Croatia has also been registered in the same country.

Behind the Prukljan investment project, as a guarantor through his companies, is Ali Parsa, an Anglo-Iranian entrepreneur with a rich background as an investment banker, who has taken his place in this difficult scene as as founder of Babylon Health, a system that provides 24-hour healthcare and video messaging through a mobile app.

Parsa founded Babylon Health Ali Parsa in 2013, and with a system in use in over 60 countries, it has made him rank among the most influential and wealthy people in all of Britain, and this island nation of He northern Europe is not short when it comes to wealthy individuals.

Indeed, Ali Parsa does not appear directly in the tender for the construction project of a golf course, hotels and tourist villas, nor is it mentioned in the plans for the nautical port and the quay of Prukljan, but his name returns for the Split. company Dalmatia seaside and spa resort. This verification is one of the main reasons why the process of assessing the acceptability of a fully qualified offer has taken so long.

It turned out to be a problem that instead of a letter of intent from a bank that had to meet exactly the prescribed criteria, a certificate from Nedbank Private World of the Isle of Jersey was submitted regarding the existence of money for the project in the amount of 100 million kuna.

As stated in the explanation of the government’s decision, the money belongs to a legal person who has an indefinite relationship with the investor, who can obtain said financing.

“In addition to not being familiar with the regulations governing banking operations on the island of Jersey, and due to the importance of the project to the local community and the Croatian economy as a whole, the prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Croatia has been invited to comment on whether we can invite investors to submit a letter of intent.

The attorney general’s office responded positively and continued to act, and at the request of the ministry, the investor submitted the requested letter of intent, by which the bank confirmed that it would issue a bank guarantee in the amount of of 14 million euros, which is more than the 100 million kuna requested. Noting that the bidder presented a valid bank guarantee for the seriousness of the bid, also in excess of the required amount, of more than 20 million kuna, it was ultimately practically uncollectible due to the prompt address of the Croatian National Bank , which does not process payment traffic from individuals.

The problem was solved by changing the address quickly and switching to Hrvatska poštanska banka, thus eliminating the last problem of accepting an offer for one of the biggest investments in Croatian tourism.

Along the shores of Lake Prukljan, over an area of ​​nearly 200 hectares, the Prukljan investment project provides for the construction of an 18-hole golf course, hotels and urban villas with a capacity of up to 1,500 beds and at least four stars, as well as a nautical tourism port.

For this purpose, the State sells a total of 54 hectares of and, for which the investor will pay 46 million kuna, of which 29 million kuna for 30 hectares of land are intended for the construction of a hotel with 1,500 beds. , and 17 million for land for the construction of tourist villas.

For the construction of a golf course (18 + 9 holes) with all accompanying infrastructure, the Croatian government has approved the establishment of building rights for a period of 99 years on 136 hectares of land, which the investor will pay 2.6 million kuna per year.

The investor was also granted a 50-year concession on the maritime domain for the economic use of two beaches and the construction and use of a nautical tourism port, for which a fixed fee was determined by concession area, and variable at 2% of annual turnover and a gradual increase of 0.5% every five years.

The contract for the Prukljan investment project will be signed within three months at the latest, and completion will follow within the next five years.

From sources available in government circles, it has been unofficially learned that health tourism will be developed in Prukljan, which correlates with the context of this investment, with regard to the founder of Babylon Heath, but it is interesting to Note that Prukljan’s investment is not being strongly encouraged, indicating the government’s caution regarding, among other things, the sensitivities of the Croatian public regarding golf courses and the problems that have surrounded them so far.

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